Disney Pixar's INSIDE OUT (2015) PG

Every emotion is important

This is a philosophical movie disguised a film for children.  Of course, a lot of children enjoyed this film because of the animation, sense of humor and the things going inside the head of people.  In the cinema where we watched this, everyone enjoyed, except for one child because the little one was so affected with the movie, he or she wailed so loudly that the parents had to bring him or her out.  I really couldn't decipher the gender of the child.

There were a lot of scenes that were heartwarming and touching scenes.  A lot of scenes were funny, but a lot of scenes were scary too.  I guess all kinds of inner ramblings of the pre-puberty stage were tackled.

I think I like the work of the whole team.  The conceptualization, treatment and execution definitely caused a lot of sleepless nights, but thankfully, all their hard work was not in vain.

When the trailer was shown I wondered how the whole movie was going to be presented and I must say I am very, very impressed because it's nothing like how I imagined it.  It's way, way better.  My nephew, his nanny, my mom, the rest of the audience(except that one kid) including yours truly, grew up with Riley and felt all her joys, sadness, other inner turmoils, etc. in such a way that we momentarily forgot we were watching something animated.  Of course, when we see all those blob like figures, we are poked back into reality that we are just watching a movie.

Would I watch it again?  Why not. :-)

Written and Directed by:  
SM Aura pix

The sound track is phenomenal!
All music composed by Michael Giacchino.
1."Bundle of Joy"  2:48
2."Team Building"  2:18
3."Nomanisone Island/National Movers"  4:20
4."Overcoming Sadness"  0:51
5."Free Skating"  0:59
6."First Day of School"  2:02
7."Riled Up"  1:02
8."Goofball No Longer"  1:11
9."Memory Lanes"  1:22
10."The Forgetters"  0:50
11."Chasing the Pink Elephant"  1:55
12."Abstract Thought"  1:47
13."Imagination Land"  1:25
14."Down in the Dumps"  1:47
15."Dream Productions"  1:43
16."Dream a Little Nightmare"  1:50
17."The Subconscious Basement"  2:01
18."Escaping the Subconscious"  2:09
19."We Can Still Stop Her"  2:54
20."Tears of Joy"  2:39
21."Rainbow Flyer"  2:58
22."Chasing Down Sadness"  1:45
23."Joy Turns to Sadness/A Growing Personality"  7:49
24."The Joy of Credits"  8:18
Total length:

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