Imbisibol is directed by Lawrence Fajardo
It stars: Allen Dizon, Bernardo Bernardo, Ricky Davao, Ces Quesada and JM de Guzman
It is a SINAG-MAYNILA entry
Highly recommended by Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino and is adapted from the one-act play of Herlyn Gail Alegre of the same title. She, along with John Paul Bedia, wrote the screenplay

As a lover of traveling, every experience is an exciting one for me.  I go to a place legally, I take pictures, some take my pictures, et cetera.  The thing is, I document almost everything, print or share almost everything, because I entered a place LEGALLY.

What about those people who live their lives everyday as if it were their last? Those people who were not as fortunate as I am? Those people always hanging on a very, very thin thread...what about them?  Do we care at all?  They leave the country not for leisure, but because they have to, but by doing so, they put their lives in danger.  This is what's this movie is all about and more.

The actors chosen for the film are all great.  They have different expressions that makes the bone chill.  You feel every shiver, fear, angst, anger and so much more.

The whole ensemble complements one another.  Every scene is important and not without integration.

The music builds up and quiets.  The sounds that are not considered as music, were music to my ears.  Every sound gave rhythmic value.  Whether it be the sound of the train, a footstep, a sob or whatever, they added to the excitement of this film.  

I have always admired Ces Quesada, but not as much as I do in this film.  She should be given meatier and better projects.  I believe she is an underrated actor.  One has to balance life, but one also has to make tough decisions in life.  Manang Linda, you have my heart. Kazuya actually loves you, but...  You just had to do what you know in your heart that you had to do.  (Who knows, there might be a person exactly like Manang Linda out there, who will be able to read this.)

Allen Dizon, my crush in this film,  is still sexy, and for me, he definitely is not a has been.  His, he did not even need to speak and he was able to transmit any message he wanted to convey.  I guess I'm exaggerating, but he's really, really good!  I felt for his character, Manuel that I even wanted to hug him when he was at his lowest point.  

3-19-2015(after watching Balut Country...we bumped at each other somewhere out there in SM Aura)
Yours truly with my drama club mate in St. Scho, Manila, Angelina Mailes Kanapi, who did wonderfully in this film

I missed seeing Bernardo Bernardo on the big screen.  I only see him pop once in a while when he makes a comment on a friend's facebook page.  It's great to see him here.  I remember seeing him play a role of a leading man with Chanda Romero as a leading lady in the play The Goodbye Girl held at the Rigodon Ballroom of The Manila Peninusula.  He was very effective there.  When he finally admitted to the word that he is gay, he earned more respect from me.  Here, he provided laughter(and tears), but he was also admirable, at the very least I could speak for myself, for his character's industriousness.  He was homesick and it showed.  The seemingly happiest people are probably the saddest too.   Oh, and may I say that I hardly recognized him with his different look, but it worked?     Bravo, Mang Benjie!

JM de Guzman is thankfully not just a handsome young man, but is also a very bankable actor.  Like Allen, his eyes are also expressive and that smile...  

There's also a rage of emotions inside of him that is dying to come out.  Some were successful and some were just bottled up inside.  Because that, he became effective for his role. JM, for the entire film, or at least during the times you were exposed, you were Rodel for me.  

Mr. Ricky Davao.  What can I say?  Whether on stage, on TV or the big screen, he gives his best.  He definitely does not adhere to mediocrity.  As Mang Benjie's best friend and roommate, Eduardo, he also gives his all, I believe.  

I am very blessed to have been able to see this film, as highly recommended by Shamaine Buencamino and because I bumped into Mailes that Thursday evening, I doubled to the effort of trying to see it.

May stories and movies like IMBISIBOL not be a dying breed.  

The movie also stars JC Santos, Onyl Torres, Angelina "Mailes" Sparks Kanapi,  Fred Lo, Naoki Takai, Shinepi Suzuki, May Alleman, Kaz Sawamura, Masaharu Iwamoto, Oyee Barro and Ms. Cynthia Luster. What a great ensemble!

Kudos to everybody involved in this film! 

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