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Under The Skin (Sci-Fi Thriller) R-16 (2013)

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  • Peter Bradshaw, of The Guardian, said it was "visually stunning and deeply disturbing"
  • Jon Espino from praises the film, giving it 9 out of 10 stars and saying that it is "... easily one of the most visually haunting films of 2014." He says Scarlett Johansson gives a "powerful performance" but that "her entire performance would be diminished without the enthralling imagery to underscore it." 
  • Daniel Rutledge's REVIEW

UNDER THE SKIN(UTS) is a movie I appreciated after analyzing certain scenes and reading about the book.  There are things that were a bit confusing if one is not aware of Michel Faber's novel.  I also read the spoilers because I've seen the movie anyway.  I usually do not need to do that because I "get it" almost immediately, but this was different.  I missed a few scenes when I had to go to the powder room.   I did not understand why this and that happened because the few scenes I missed mattered.  

For the common viewer, thank goodness that despite it being deep and satirical, most of the scenes are easy to understand.

No matter how imperfect our world and people may be, there is much beauty in our surroundings and our humanity.  No matter how bestial or mundane certain people may be, there is some innate goodness. This is what the woman discovered.

I've seen the Nicole Kidman's movie called BIRTH(also by the same director, Jonathan Glazer, but written by Jean-Claude Carrière) and it left us feeling weird in the end.  It was a good thing that I watched it with my Big Sis and Big Bro (not related by blood...we're choir mates) that we discussed and analyzed it over coffee.  What the younger Sean said towards the end said it all. Ergo, the movie did have a brighter side to it.

Jonathan Glazer's style, according to one reviewer of UTS, is reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick and I somehow agree.  Eerie, intriguing, but still very much enjoyable.

If you don't like movies that make you think, then don't waste your time and money.  Still, even if you don't like to jump the bandwagon or something of that kind, you have to consider that this movie is critically acclaimed.   If you think hard enough and replay certain scenes in your head, most especially the penultimate scene,  you would understand why this film is actually wonderful.  

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