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'Apocalypse Child'(2015) R-16 and Doctor Strange(2016) PG---non-reviews

When Ignacio de Loyola was cancelled at a certain theatre,  the lady I have spoken with said I was late by one day.  If I had inquired about it then, they wouldn't have cancelled the showing because they believe in and value the "power of one" so I hope they won't stop the reshowing of APOCALYPSE CHILD.

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Seeing ‘Doctor Strange’


These two films are being shown side-by-side.  The former is shown at one theatre alternating with the latter, while the latter is being is shown at all the remaining theatres of the cineplexes. Is that fair?

You can't blame the owners of the cineplexes.  They go where the money is, and obviously, they think Dr. Strange will "bring home the bacon".

The former is a drama about a man who was made to believe that he is the son of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola when the great director filmed Apocalypse Now here in the Republic of the Philippines when his mother, played by the very versatile Ana Abad Santos, was only fourteen(14) years old, while the latter is the reimagining of Marvel's DR. STRANGE.

This year's Dr. Strange is amazingly funny.  I don't want the multiverse to be true, because the universe alone is big enough as it is, but lately, those are the types of books I read(I just don't write about everything, but I did write about Claudia Gray's Ten Thousand Skies Above You). I'm glad Benedict C and Rachel M have good chemistry...well, they should, because this is an "infinity stone" story, so this will definitely have sequels(tip, there are two teasers after the cliff hanger or end of the movie).  There was a special child(well, chronologically, he's an adult already) behind us, so I missed my brothers, PG and RJ, more.  He was with his big sister and a brother.  Sigh...


Apocalypse Child has received awards here and abroad.  My younger schoolmate in St. Scholastica's College, Manila, Ana Abad Santos, younger sister of Fila's Cris Albert, has been recognised for her acting here, so I hope more Filipinos would appreciate this film.   She, along with Annicka Dolonius, sizzle in this film.  What about Gwen Zamora?  She's beautiful, but people were saying "kulang pa".  She holds promise anyway.  

Baler is also featured here.  It is really so beautiful.

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Sid Lucero comes from a big showbiz family so I am wondering why this wasn't really "marketed" well to the general public.  I understand that this Mario and Monster 'show' is an indie film, but still...  I remember Sid's sister's movie, Your Place or Mine.  It flopped at the tills, even if it has a good story and it was well-acted.


R.K. Bagatsing also comes from a Political/Showbiz family, so he should have some clout, but I don't think he "used" it because the theatre was not filled to the brim.  He was very, very convincing.  Yes, like an article I have read said(was it by Ricky Lo?), he's the next big thing.

APOCALYPSE CHILD is now showing NATIONWIDE.  Please, please, please support this film.  

Disclaimer:  I won't earn anything from this film...I am just proudly promoting this.  I am not telling you not to watch Dr. Strange, because that's hypocritical of me.  I watched and enjoyed this latest version of it.    I am just suggesting that even if you do, please don't forget to watch Apocalypse Child.  Pretty please.


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'Apocalypse Child' is a collaboration between Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez (Mario and Monster Show) 

Doctor Strange's MPAA rating is Parental Guidance (Children can watch this film as long as there is a supervising adult)
The MTRCB Rating of 'Apocalypse Child' is R-16 (For late teens and Adults only)

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