Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inferno (2016) my two cents worth and why I am one of the few who likes the movie better

Main Characters
(Guess who the real villain is)

This is one movie I loved better than the book...Oh, I mean Dan Brown's Inferno and not Dante's.  David Koepp's screenplay and Ron Howard's direction made it more exciting.  I like the re-imagination of the ending because I love life and humanity.  Most of my friends do not agree.  They believe the ending "had to happen".  They hated the twist so much.  They said it ruined it.  Most of the viewers agree.  I don't.  

Hats off to David Koepp and Ron Howard.  They truly made us gnash and grind our teeth and brought us to the edges of our seats.

Unfortunately, Robbie Collin and others do not seem to think so. My friends even think that the "unexpected twist" was a big disappointment.  To each his own.

This is MY blog, and if you don't agree with me, then just go to another page and don't waste your time by reading my two cents worth.  To me, what matters is that my bestie and I enjoyed this film.  It may be too formulaic for all of you, but we liked it. Did we love it?  Love is such a strong word. •I do agree with some of the criticisms, but since I am NOT a Dan Brown fan, this is definitely better than the book.• (this part was inadvertently deleted when I first published this)  Besides, the ending in the novel has given me nightmares that if it does happen...for me, it is NOT a solution.  For me, I like the way the story was re-imagined.

There is one part of the movie that made me cringe.  The love angle between Langdon and one of female characters(I don't wanna give spoilers---LOL) seemed force.  There was no chemistry...but, I liked the way Robert smiled after they mildly kissed.

I liked the action scenes and the special effects and I like the way Felicity Jones played her part, sans the part where she describes Manila as The Gates of Hell with its six-hour-long traffic jams, suffocating pollution and a miserable sex trade.  Although there are beautiful parts of Manila, sadly, Dr. Brooks' description of our Capital City is almost 100% accurate. I wonder why I questioned Claire Danes then? (I am still proud of my country as a whole)

By the way, I couldn't get over how much Ben Foster resembles Aaron Paul.  If I didn't see the acting credits, then I would think that Aaron Paul is in this movie and not him.  

In a nutshell, this movie is worth watching and it is better to watch it with a clean slate instead of reading the book first for you not to be biased or anything.

(yawning---just because it's almost midnight and I have no writing or research assignments anyway)

A` tout a` l'heure! 

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