The Imitation Game (2014)/ Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges

Alan Turing, the Inventor of what we call nowadays as COMPUTERS; He was a mathematical  who was prejudged because he was a homosexual and was given hormonal therapy to "cure" his being a homosexual.  Since the therapy was not doing him any good, he committed suicide in 1954. Tsk, tsk, tsk!  Imagine, he broke the German Enigma Ciphers/Cyphers, but he was sentenced because of indecency.  Where is the justice in that? I agree with Benedict Cumberbatch. He should be in banknotes!
Learn more about this phenomenal precursor of artificial intelligence by clicking the link, reading this book, or watching THE IMITATION GAME(2014).  Instead of condemning him, we should thank him, right? Right!!!!!


Almost speechless.
Great acting. Great direction. Great cast. Great everything!


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