NBSB(No Boyfriend Since Birth) 2015


Disclaimer:  This is more of a narrative than a review
Don't always judge a movie by its trailer

A trailer is what usually attracts a movie goer, but sadly, even if I know at least a couple who really want to watch this movie because of the trailer, it didn't entice us to watch it.  It wasn't bad, but... 

Peace to the person or group of people who made the trailer...I don't have the right to criticize you, I know, but that's what we thought of the teaser.

In any case, we found ourselves watching this movie because it had the perfect time slot.  We had ample time to have dinner before going inside the theater.

We were supposed to be somewhere else, but because of the super duper heavy traffic and the Metro Manila SKYWAY was closed for security reasons because of the APEC SUMMIT we found ourselves staying in the south. Imagine, it took us an hour to get to somewhere near the Skyway from SM City BF P'que.  It usually only takes minutes on a good day.  Dad canceled the meetings then told our driver to turn right instead.

When we arrived at the Commercenter we checked what was playing.  Dad and Mom have seen everything except for #NBSB and The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.  We were supposed to watch the latter, but it was going to be shown in half an hour.  We were famished and if there's anything the members of our family have in common is that you wouldn't like us when we're hungry. :-p

So we had no choice.  We bought tickets for #NBSB.

#NBSB doubled with Bus 657

After our delicious dinner at The Farm Organics and buying a few items at Assi Fresh Plaza, we found ourselves inside an almost empty theater, with only the three of us plus the ushers and other members of the staff present. I was worried about my dad.  He usually walks out or sleeps when he doesn't like a film.  At first he was shaking his head.  I think he hated Carlo Mercado's guts or something or he wanted to splash cold water on Karina's face.  It's a wonder of wonders that he stayed awake during the entire film.  After the movie, I asked him how he liked the movie:  "It was dragging at first, but as the story progressed..."

The movie was written by Noreen Capili.  I must say that although she made Tom Rodriguez less appealing and very annoying because of the persona she designed for Carlo plus the fact that it had less action and more talk(I remember my mentors literally knocking on my forehead whenever I write a story that is filled with too much dialogue, but it worked for the BEFORE trilogy and THAT THING CALLED TADHANA), it still is a movie worth watching(especially if there's nothing else to watch).  The story may be one of the oldest, but if you really pay attention, you would know that the movie still has something special to offer.

There's the versatile Mylene Dizon, the genius called Ricci Chan, the phenomenal Bangs Garcia, the indefatigable Al Tantay, the multi-talented Arlene Muhlach, the boy-next-door Mike Tan(his role reminded me of one of my favorite movies---I won't say what because I would be giving his role away) and Cindy Miranda(although the spelling of her name is different, she made me miss a dear friend of mine who already crossed over), who also did well.

The friendship between Hannah(Bangs Garcia) and Karina reminded me of two friends of mine.  Their dialogues and how they treat each other, et cetera, made me miss both of them.  Yes, viewers, there are people who love each other that way and talk like that.   Sometimes, that kind of friendship is what we need.  A friend that wakes you up when you are way beyond the delta of your sleep or someone has put you at the 7th layer of inception.  I do not even know if my sentence construction is right. Ha-ha-ha!

Did I like the ending?

Not much, but I like the movie as a whole.

Joey Reyes is Joey Reyes.  He does not need to prove anything.  He is already an institution.

Maybe not everybody would agree with me...rather, us, but it's a nice movie.  Maybe it's not a great movie, but it works.  Just don't expect too much.  

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