Mockingjay Part 2 the second time

With my "twin"

The first time I watched Mockingjay Part 2, my heart felt so heavy, but I still tried to see it in a good light.  It wasn't bad, but I was disappointed with a lot of things.  Suzanne Collins' message is very strong and powerful, but when I looked around the theater, almost everyone was forlorn, like they were expecting the movie to be better than expected. Well, there's that, and the fact that there were a lot of heart-wrenching scenes too, enough to make people feel morose and that's how the book made a lot of people feel too, anyway.   

Jennifer Lawrence did great acting wise.  Probably that's why she is the highest paid actor, even if I still think that it is unfair. Again, I'll leave the technical aspects to the experts.  I don't have the right to judge or criticize those things.  

What about the other actors?  I cannot complain.  They all did their jobs well, most especially the very versatile Elizabeth Banks.

Effie and Katniss
Elizabeth and Jennifer

So why did a lot of us feel that way?  Why didn't it please me much.  It's still a puzzle to me.

This morning while I was walking to my twin sister's place, I wondered if I would like it more.

Did I?

Well, in all fairness I did appreciate some scenes better and some lines were even clearer.  Unfortunately, I became drowsy towards the middle of the film because of the time, so I ordered strong coffee just to keep me awake, but nothing could replace the joy my twin was feeling.  She was so happy I watched it with her.  Inggie, my daughter, had an important meeting so we just met up with her and my son-in-law, Kiko at Carpe Diem later in the afternoon, and Eise, our bestie and mother hen, was in the US of A, so she was really, really grateful that I accompanied her even if I did not like it that much.

She really, really liked it and she still has a hangover.

I like making people happy. When I make people happy, I am happy too. (Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT a people-pleaser.  That's a different thing.) 

You're a painter. You're a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.- Katniss to Peeta  
People in love notice things other people do not notice about the ones they love.   Sometimes it's the simplest things like appreciating the things they do for you or the little things they give you, even if the things they do give you are not really as expensive as the things you are used to. I do that.  I show the giver I wear the stuff they give me and I appreciate them very much.  The price is immaterial, really.  Sometimes it's a simple HEARTFELT compliment and NOT the vain glory you give them by telling them stuff just to bloat their ego that makes a person happy or just the simple knowledge that they are in your thoughts and prayers.   
The love of Katniss and Peeta is very vital in this TRILOGY.  I think even if I didn't really see the chemistry between Jennifer and Josh, the love between Katniss and Peeta is real and that's what's important.  They've been through a LOT. I've always been #teamPeeta, but I like Liam Hemsworth better so I was sort of #teamGale while watching the series.  It's silly really (like being #teamJacob while watching the Twilight series), but that's that.



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