Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Star Cinema's You're My Boss(2015) PG 13

A woman who is looking for acceptance, who's looking for love, who wants to be appreciated and who wants to belong find what she's looking for from her personal assistant.-WWW
Last Saturday, when everyone was lining up for Furious 7(2015) and me and my nephew were off to watch Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water(I'm not going to write about this---I just watched this movie out of love for my nephew), nobody seemed to be lining up for this movie. When it was announced that it earned PhP25 Million in the first two days, I couldn't believe it.  I thought it was some hype or something, like when this super popular Filipino singer claimed that all seats were taken at the MGM Grand, but I saw that it was a flop, that I thought the stats were exaggerated or something.

I have nothing against the actors.  I like them both, but I still thought it was a hype until I watched it myself.

The story was conceptualized by Celestine "Toni" Gonzaga, and it was written and directed by Palanca Awards 3rd Placer(That Thing Called Tadhana), Antoinette Jadaone, who also megged and wrote Beauty in a Bottle

From the story to the screenplay, to the treatment, to the dialogues, to the situations, to the chemistry, to the acting, et cetera, et cetera, up to the reaction of the moviegoers, this film is one of the best romantic comedies, ever.  Am I exaggerating?  Go see for yourself.  There's something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but all in all, it is a wonderful recipe for success.

I love the flow of the story, the funny lines and the hugot lines.  I also love the scenes in Batanes.  Batanes is simply beautiful.  

Go and experience Batanes. 

This picture was taken by THE POOR TRAVELER.

This could also be appreciated by those who don't usually go for these types of rom-coms or dramedies. As I observed people going out of the movie theater sans the microphone, I saw that they were pleased.  Some people were even saying that they thought they would not enjoy it, but they actually did.

Were there flaws? Maybe, but I didn't notice them.

Yes, it's sort of formulaic, but...  hey, I don't want to give the story away.  All I know is that I was able to relate with the characters, I liked the story and I enjoyed the movie.  

Kudos to everyone involved in this film.  Blessings and cheers!

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