Mr. Holland's Opus (1995)---- watching this for the nth timeMui

1965. Musician and composer Glenn Holland decides to switch gears in his career by taking a music teaching job at John F. Kennedy High School in order to have more free time to spend with his bride, Iris Holland, and compose, most specifically a symphony which has always been his dream to do. This career change is despite music rather than teaching being his passion, and having no experience in teaching beyond having a teaching certificate. He quickly learns that it is a job that he hates - largely because his students generally don't relate to music the way he does, and of where he and the music program fit within the pecking order of the school - but which he sticks with if only because of life circumstances. With some help most specifically from school principal Mrs. Jacobs, he understands he has to find the same passion that he has for music and translate that somehow into the way he relates to his work and to the students if he is to survive in this life. His teaching work over the years is seen at various specific stages, and against the backdrop of milestone events happening in the world. His job and dealing with students and the staff also affects his personal life, not only with Iris, but also with his son Cole (who is named after John Coltrane), who on the surface could not be more different than his father, and as such is someone to who Glenn has difficulties relating, and to that much wanted time to compose that symphony, which was the reason for taking the job in the first place.-Trailer Addict
This is my favorite Gershwin song---ever!
(Rowena and Glen had a connection...what Glen decided was tough and beyond is a decision and he made his choice)
Music has been my life since I was in my mom's belly.  I was told that I would joyfully kick her tummy when the music was favorable.  Dad's melodic voice in his 30's would make me seem like dancing for joy.  

My paternal grandfather, even if he never got to be famous, was a maestro in music.   He was my greatest influence.  Among his grandchildren, I probably am the least skillful, but I do love music and it's in my heart.  I know all sides of my families are musically inclined, so I guess it's in my blood.  

Music is the thing that keeps me keeps me sane.  Add some lyrics, then I'll sing a tune...add some rhythm, even if I'm not as good as before, I will sway and do some footwork.  I asked my dad if he missed playing the violin.  He said no, but he said he still loves listening to any member of the string family, which includes the piano.

I have seen this movie several times already.  I could relate to it in more ways than one.  Mom's partially deaf and I have friends who are deaf or hard of hearing.  I sometimes experience that too...being partially deaf.  I could not imagine not being able to appreciate music, but it is also hard to be in their world.  They want to be treated equally.  Most of them are smart and they want to appreciated as such.

Cole and Glen's son and father relationship really struck several chords in a very heart-wrenching manner, but the way they made up gave me a light feeling.

This is my favorite teacher and student conversation scene in this movie
"...because playing music is supposed to be's about heart!"
There was a time when I used to teach voice/give singing lessons.  I always told my students that they are probably better singers than I am, but I really know how to teach.  Since I believed that, I know I have helped a lot of them, if not all.  I also believe in my heart that teachers should never demean their students.  They (we) should inspire them.  

Mr. Holland is a very admirable teacher. He may have had his own share of battles, but he was able to help and inspire each of his students, in a way that is best for each individual.  

I will never get tired of watching this movie.   The story is beautifully weaved and every person behind the scene and all the actors did wonderfully.  The direction is superb.


I could go on and on, but I don't want to give the story away for the younger generation.

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