Captain Rich Phillips and Muse (2013)

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How do I describe this film?  Before watching this film I have read about the controversy of the inaccuracies of the screenplay and the book, so even if this is based on a true story, I watched it like I was watching something that was conjured from the figment of Billy Ray and Richard Phillips' imagination...ergo, a work of FICTION just like what happened to UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

So there.

I was moved by the story notwithstanding the controversies.  The writers made me believe their version of the FACTS, so even if the MV Maersk Alabama crew claimed otherwise, in this movie, Captain Richard Phillips was indeed a hero.

BARKHAD ABDI, who played Abduwali Muse, the self-proclaimed Captain of the Pirates, was very convincing.  During the duration of the whole film, I did not think he was an actor, but Muse himself.

I was not able to read Richard Phillips' memoir A Captain's Duty in 2010 so I can only guess that some of the inaccuracies were corrected in the movie, but only some.

Even without knowing about controversies, people who know the sea like the back of their hands would listen to suggestions, but would take the upper hand if they think that their subordinates' suggestions are not feasible.   

There was something that Muse said that caught my attention. He said, "We cannot attack a herd!"

He already knew about the dangers of piracy in the area because of, at the very least, one email, so if he used his head, he would join the herd.

The movie as a whole is great.  I loved the background music, the acting...I just hated the parts when the director, Paul Greengrass, wanted us to feel nauseous too.  

The best part is the part when the central character, Captain Phillips, was rescued, I felt his shock and his agony.  Tom Hanks is truly a great actor for during that very scene, I did not see Tom Hanks, but Captain Richard Phillips himself.

Tom Hanks, right, and Richard Phillips, whose story is told in 'Captain Phillips', in theaters Oct. 11
Tom Hanks, right, and Richard Phillips, whose story is told in 'Captain Phillips', in theaters Oct. 11(Miller Mobley)
Captain Courageous: Tom Hanks and Capt. Richard Phillips

  1. Captain Phillips is a 2013 American drama thriller film directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi. Wikipedia
  2. Initial releaseOctober 10, 2013 (Australia)
  3. Running time134 minutes

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