Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Les Misérables- Manila (The Theatre at Solaire)

One of the best renditions ever

Victor Hugo's book was required reading when I was still in high school.  It was hard to fight the tears because of the misery everyone suffered, most especially Monsieur Jean Valjean.

I have seen several versions of this classic story: Straight plays, musicals(including the Broadway version and the Repertory Philippines production) and movies(my favorite is the Hugh Jackman version).  Every version is beautiful in their own right and every time I watch it, I pretend that it's the first time and I always get excited.

When I learned that this (as described by Ticket World) musical phenomenon would be staged at The Theatre at Solaire, I was so excited.  I wanted to watch it with a special someone, but how could I refuse my dad when he said that it was going to be one of his birthday gifts to me? His condition: It has to be on my birthday. We rushed to NBS, Alabang Town Center.  There were tickets available, but all the good seats were taken, even the one very near the orchestra that people avoid buying.  The one selling us the tickets convinced us that it was perfectly fine to purchase tickets of seats behind the loge section and showed us the "vantage point" via the computer.  It didn't seem bad, so we got the tickets.  "Ma'am, since it's a gala night, please dress least wear a cocktail dress." I said, I'll be glad to wear a cocktail dress.  When she learned that the gala night was set on my birthday she suggested that I wear red, but my designer from Chloe's Closet(Klarissa S. Bariso) chose a tamer kind, closer to Burgundy, which has a French flair.  (more text below)
an hour before the Musical started

Before Act 1 started

I was speechless during the 1st Act.  I was trying to imagine how they would pull this off at The Theatre at Solaire, but they have exceeded my expectations. I'll just borrow this line from someone dear, "It was even better than I've expected!"  Yes, I am just reiterating what I've already said, but it is truly better.

Maybe because of space constraint it was presented a little differently compared to The Great White Way, but the whole production still "delivered" it well.

There were a few snags, but it's alright.  Everything's awesome.

Our very own Rachelle Ann Go's performances were all stupendous, most especially the part where she sang, "I've Dreamed a Dream."  I really believed that she was Fantine.  I'm so proud of her as a person from the Pearl of the Orient Seas. It was one of the best renditions ever(at least, compared to those I've seen).
Before Act 2 started

Kerrie Anne Greenland's take on Eponine was superb.  I love how she sang "ON MY OWN" and "A LITTLE FALL OF RAIN" with Marius.  Incidentally, my favorite part of the musical is that part where she and Paul Wilkins(Marius) were singing that heartbreaking duet.

The other parts I loved were "BRING HIM HOME"(Jean Valjean as played by Simon Gleeson) and Javert's SOLILOQUY as sang by Earl Carpenter.
After Cameron Mackintosh's speech

 The Cast and Crew with the "Big Guys"

With my little "sis" Nicole Limos of Town and Country Philippines
It was great bumping into you again, Nikki  ;-)  

It's one of my best birthdays ever!

note: updated on May 2016 (I added some links...I just don't know if one of the links is legal...I could even hear a person coughing)

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