Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice(PARENTS should really guide kids so that they won't dream bad things)

Spoilers are all over the World Wide Web...even our Parish Priest gave spoilers during his homily last Easter Vigil, so if it's spoilers you want, you won't get it "here"(but there are links that you can click), but I can say this, there are no teasers after the credits.  If you want to memorize stuff for trivial pursuit or something, you can Google them anyway, but it's up to you.


A young dad with his two young sons sat beside us.  When he thought there was ample time, he got his boys some popcorn.  The older one watched the younger one and when there were scary trailers, he would comfort the younger one, even if he was seemingly scared himself. 

I was concentrating on the movie, of course, but I was a bit worried about the two boys, but since I was a stranger to them, I did not dare try to comfort them.  I didn't have to, because when the movie started and their dad was nowhere in sight,  the older one did "his duty" as an older brother.

When their dad arrived, he did his duty as a father.  He explained confusing scenes to his boys.  I gathered, the older one got his sense of responsibility from his dad.

I never saw their faces, but it made me feel good to see a young father being a great guide for his boys.

I hope all parents and guardians would guide the kids well.  My nephew said he liked it, but said, "My head hurts!" when they arrived last Saturday.  I'm sure his parents did their jobs well.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
My opinion:  I bet when the critics said bad things about this movie, the people became more curious. I even like this better than its prequel.  I love the action scenes and the updating of the characters.

More than a couple of years ago, when people learned that Ben Affleck was the next Batman opposite the MAN OF STEEL, people were saying he was a bad choice. 

Before watching this, a lot of critics were not happy with his performance, but I didn't care.  Ben Affleck is a good actor and he is an eye candy too.  For me, he has one of the most perfect jaw lines(hey, I am not an expert in physiognomy, anatomy or any other science connected to what I am trying to say, but...) and his eyes are very, very expressive.

When I watched this movie yesterday my thoughts were, "What are they saying?  He is perfect for the role!"  

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Celebrate Easter Together as a Family with Easter Egg Hunt

Henry Cavill,  who is eleven years younger than Ben Affleck, is one of the best portrayers of Clark Kent and The Man of Steel.  Like Ben, his eyes alone could do the talking and he is also good to look at. His chiseled body, his cleft chin and very expressive eyes.

Gal Gadot, even if I prefer men, just to be clear, is so beautiful and she moves well.  She definitely owned the character.  She is the character.  

I've always been a Diane Lane fan ever since I saw TOUCHED BY LOVE when I was a freshman in High School.  We watched it at the AVR as a batch, I think, and I was impressed.  I even thought she really had cerebral palsy.  Here, she plays the role of a mother well.  Maybe it's not her best performance.  This year, I like her role and her portrayal as Cleo in TRUMBO better, but I like her as Martha Kent too.

Amy Adams is really versatile.  She is LOIS LANE.  She truly is! That bathtub scene with Henry Cavill is definitely NOT for kids, but... ooh la la. 

What about Jesse Eisenberg?  No matter what the critics say, I think he played the Lex Luthor well.  I've seen his other films and I believe this is his best performance so far.

Yes, yes, yes!  It did change a lot of the main plot and changed some of the attributes/traits of certain characters.  A vital character who is not a part of the Title of the film was annihilated and a lot of people are angry.  

OK, I won't make this long anymore. I'll just wait for the sequel(a prequel June next year).  I heard it would be shown on November sometime next year. 

I hope the third installment would be far better than the two before it.  :-D

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