MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN(2015):A tearjerker that will give you(well, not all) hope and strengthen your faith

Jennifer Garner says “Miracles from Heaven” led her back to church

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It took me a while before finally writing this blog entry.  I couldn't start.  Yes, some parts may have been fictionalized for cinematic purposes, but the story is real as real can be.  This movie, based on true events, proves that truth is really stranger than fiction.  Doctors and other people have testified that this story is real and it's not because some people are just trying to be famous.  Anna did suffer and experience different kinds of miracles, including the kindness of other people, strangers at that.

After watching this film I couldn't stop crying.  Mostly, because of tears of joy, but it was also because I could empathize and sympathize with the plight of the Beam family.

No matter how strong one's faith is, there will be times when he or she could question that faith.  There may be a handful of people who never question their faith, but the fact is, most of us do.

Listen to Christy's speech in Church after the miracle.  It was beautiful.  I don't know if it's verbatim, but you know what, she is right.  There are miracles everyday and sometimes we don't even notice it.

Your heart would be wrenched for sure, but you will also feel good and probably, your faith would be stronger.  I say probably just because...  :-) 

The Real BEAM Family

The BEAM Family and the Miracle Tree:
Dr. Kevin Beam, Adelyn Beam, Annabel Beam,Christy Beam and Abby Beam

Some of the actors in the movie: Jennifer Garner(Christy Beam), Martin Henderson(Dr. Kevin Beam-a vet), Patricia Riggen(The Director of the film), Queen Latifah(Auntie Angela) and Courtney Fansler(Adelyn Beam)

All of you(and the others not in the photographer) did great.  Kudos!

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