What a Girl Wants (2003)

When I saw the trailer the first time twelve years ago, I was so excited to see this.  Besides being an Amanda Bynes' film, it was about a daughter longing for her father, so she searches for him.  She didn't have the slightest idea what kind of life he was living and got the surprise of her life when she found out he's royalty.

I'm proud to say that I'm daddy's girl.  My dad's not perfect, but he loves me and I love him.  I am very grateful that I did not need to undergo what Daphne underwent while growing up.  Dad never became an absentee father(more often than not, he brings the whole family during his schooling abroad, etc.) and even if my childhood wasn't perfect, he and my mom made sure it was going to be awesome.  No one was going to be spoiled or anything like that, but we would surely enjoy our childhood.  My childhood's filled with bittersweet memories, but I had lots and lots of fun.  I learned a lot too.

Now back to the movie:
Daphne wearing the family heirloom

Amanda probably looked her best in this film and she immersed in her character well.  I surely haven't heard her speak differently, but it works, so it's alright.  I felt her joys and pains.  During the entire film she was Daphne for me and not Amanda.

Daphne and Ian
Amanda plays opposite Oliver James and they have good onscreen chemistry. (When I change the tenses, please consider it as time traveling. LOL)

Isn't this such a romantic scene? ;-)

I love the Father-Daughter dance towards the end of the film, but this is my favorite Daphne-Henry, Daughter-Dad scene

What I love best about this film was the fact that it made me feel that I was just there experiencing everything with them.  It may have looked like a super light film, well, probably it was, but it also pulled a lot of heartstrings.  

Would I watch this again?

Well, I already did.  Several times. ;-)  

On a whim, American teenager Daphne (Amanda Bynes) boards a plane to England to find the father she never met. Upon arriving there, though, she makes a startling discovery: The man she's looking for is Lord Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth), a member of the British upper class, who is running for political office. Lord Henry didn't know Daphne existed, but he welcomes her into his life. However, she isn't so sure -- and his family and his current betrothed look on her disapprovingly.-WWW

Directed by Dennie Gordon
Written by Jenny Bicks and Elizabeth Chandler

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