Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just Like Heaven (2005) ---another film I watch over and over agan

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Sometimes you just "know it" by a mere touch of the hand 

Have you ever wondered why there are times when you meet someone for the first time that there is an unexplained connection between the two of you?  There are times you feel that you have seen that person before and if you haven't, you wonder why you are drawn to that person?

Some get freaked out when they think people are just giving them pickup lines when they say, "I've seen you in my dreams."  I can't blame them because more often than not, they, the speakers, I mean, are indeed just uttering a line or something.

When two people are meant to be, no matter what the odds, they will be together. This is what happened with Elizabeth and David. It's a ten-year old movie.  I wonder if I should give spoilers or not.  Anyways, in Elizabeth's case, Elizabeth dreamed of a beautiful garden. How does this connect with David?  You would find out later as the plot thickens.

Anyways, it's freaky how these two persons meet, but they slowly grow in love. As the movie progresses they would find out why they are stuck together.  


I love the dialogues, the twists and turns and the gardens.  I know I sneeze a lot when there are a lot of flowers around, but gardens as beautiful as the ones David Abbot designed are amazing and you wouldn't want to miss seeing such gardens at least once in your life, like the Gardens at Schönbrunn Palace, Le Jardin Exotique(good thing succulents are safe) and Lavender Fields all over the world(link leads to Provence), to name a few.

When I watched this with my bestie the first time, I cried when Elizabeth forgot about David, but rejoiced when everything turned "Righteous!"  Yes, it's no wonder that this was a box office hit, even it was overshadowed by another Witherspoon hit called Walk The Line, a multi-award winning biopic about Johnny Cash.  I never get tired watching this and every time I do, it's like the first time.

Favorite Scenes
I love this scene above, but I like the scene before this better. 

I think there are only a few Mark Ruffalo films that I do not like and I could not even remember what they are.  The same goes with Reese.  A lot of things I've written about them are now lost somewhere in outer space...I mean, cyberspace.  Both of them are very, very bankable.  They can play any role. Their looks can also be adjusted depending on the role they are playing.  They can be naughty, mean, funny, alluring or what have you.

Mark is happily married for fifteen years and he has three children.  Reese has loved and lost, but is doing fine with her husband, Jim Toth, and they have a son. They have been married for four years now. She and her husband for eight years now estranged, Ryan Philippe, have two children.
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  1. David (Mark Ruffalo) is a recently widowed landscape architect moving into a new apartment in San Francisco. But the apartment isn't entirely empty; it's haunted by the ghost of a woman named Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon). And although Elizabeth can't remember much about her life, she's convinced that she isn't really dead. While David recruits Darryl (Jon Heder), an absent-minded psychic, to get to the bottom of Elizabeth's identity, he and Elizabeth begin to fall in love.- World Wide Web
  2. Directed by Mark Waters
  3. Written by Marc Levy (novel)
               Peter Tolan
               Leslie Dixon
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