MATA: Memoirs of a Master Mariner(2011)

Slides of the life and times of the master mariner plus Mr. Jojo Alejar interviewing Ben and Lib Mata
Benjamin P. Mata's life is very colorful.  In the book he recounted everything he could remember from his childhood, his teenage years, how he met his future wife, Lib, how he married Lib and how they did not have pictures to remember the joyous occasion because they did not have a camera and how they survived all their trials and the triumphs that overpowered those trials. Of course, how he journeyed as the MASTER MARINER is the focus of this book.  I thought it would be taxing to read, but thank goodness, this book is not boring at all. It's a page turner and worth to be reread.

I also enjoyed looking at the gallery.  While looking at the pictures I felt like he and his family welcomed me into their lives. It's as if I traveled with them and shared with their joys, pains and victories.

The Cover Design and Book Layout was by Toolbox D

This book was published by LSA Printing Press Inc.

ISBN 978-971-95174-0-5


Mata: Memoirs of a Master Mariner, A Must-Have Book for Seafarers
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