Week-end at the Waldorf (1945)

Directed byRobert Z. Leonard
Produced byArthur Hornblow, Jr.
Written bySamuel and Bella Spewack
Guy Bolton
Based onGrand Hotel
by Vicki Baum
StarringGinger Rogers
Lana Turner
Walter Pidgeon
Van Johnson
Music byJohnny Green
CinematographyRobert H. Planck
Edited byRobert Kern
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • October 4, 1945

© MGM 1945
Except for Walter Pidgeon, I have admired all the lead stars of this film since I was small. When we were living in Monterey, Ca. in the US of A, reruns and old movies were parts of my television viewership, besides Sesame Street and the Electric Company, that is.  

I guess I was more familiar with Lana Turner and Ginger Rogers than anybody who equalled their caliber in the early 1970s. I would also pretend to sing and dance with Van Johnson and some others who are not in this film like Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra et al.

I guess I was already in my late 20s(The same time I realized why Fred Astaire was chosen as Daddy Long Legs(1955 opposite Leslie Caron)...I have always liked Fred Astaire, but I didn't understand why he was chosen to play Daddy Long Legs) when I appreciated Walter Pidgeon. When I was younger, I would question why the casting director chose him to be a lead actor. I think it was because I kept comparing him to Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum. Yes, I guess that was why.

His role in Mrs. Miniver(1942) opened my eyes and made me realize that he was not only a great actor, but he was quite appealing too.
The Waldorf Astoria is one of the most popular hotels in the City of New York and has been the subject of many other films made for the Silver Screen and the Idiot Box. MGM's Week-end at the Waldorf was the first among them.

Movies like this one kind of brain wash the audience into planning their next trip to New York and who knows? The singles might find love there or those growing cold towards one another would probably rekindle their romance.

The onscreen chemistry between Jim Hollis (Johnson)and Bunny Smith(Turner)produces a wonderful aroma(love is in the air), whereas the chemistry between Walter Pidgeon and Ginger Rogers lack a catalyst. They are both good, but...anyways, the love between Chip Collyer(Pidgeon) and Irene Malvern(Rogers) would grow on you as the movie progresses, so I guess the MGM people knew what they were doing.

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