Thursday, January 15, 2015

Paris When It Sizzles (1964) a.k.a. The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower ;-p

The "feeling" sexy Richard Benson and the awesomely beautiful Gabrielle Simpson

I'm including this picture because Bill Holden reminds me of someone here.(Gosh, he was a 46 year- old(45 during filming) man playing a 43 year-old playboy...he looks older than his age)

Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty

Hotshot Hollywood screenwriter Richard Benson (William Holden) is in trouble. He sold a script idea to decadent producer Alexander Meyerheim (Noel Coward), but has wasted all the time he had to finish the screenplay by traipsing around Paris. With just a couple of days left before the deadline, Benson gets a new assistant named Gabrielle Simpson (Audrey Hepburn), who helps him put together a love story by acting out all the possible scenarios. But life eventually beginning to imitate art.- WWW
Initial release: April 8, 1964
Director: Richard Quine
Running time: 110 minutes
Written By:
Paris When it Sizzles is NOT a movie about Paris when it sizzles, but I like it anyway.  I've seen this movie about two times(one in the1980s as a teenager) and appreciated it more when I watched it for the second time.

This movie is about a narcissistic playboy who also happens to be a screenwriter.  Apparently, he has disappointed a lot of the members of the female gender.

William Holden is very handsome, but for some reason I didn't think the role really suited him at first.  For me, he seemed to be a trying hard James Bond wannabe.  

Hmmm.  Maybe that was the point.  He was supposed to be a James Bond wannabe and maybe, just maybe, he played his part very well.

Audrey Hepburn is very charming and beautiful in this movie.  She plays the role of the muse very, very well. 

This is the second team-up between Holden and Hepburn, the first being SABRINA, where Hepburn played the title role and Holden played David Larrabee(he was married to Brenda Marshall that time). They had a very good onscreen chemistry and had a real life relationship.  Everything was coming up roses until Holden had a vasectomy.  Hepburn wanted very much to be a mother.  Anyways, I'm digressing.

The movie's enjoyment factor was enhanced by these notable performances from Tony Curtis(the script's Philippe/Maurice), GrĂ©goire Aslan(Police Inspector Gilet) and Noel Coward(the producer, Alexander Meyerheim).  

The movie is good, not great.  I gave it 3.5 stars at Rotten Tomatoes.  I did enjoy it, but I think, because Paris is one of my favorite places in Europe(Florence, Provence, Assisi, Loreto, Lucerne, Rome, Paris, Nice, St. Tropez, Genoa, Naples, Capri, Madrid, Pisa, Wiesbaden, Salzburg, Vienna and Frankfurt are my favorite places in that continent), I was waiting for more Parisian scenes and how romantic the CITY OF LIGHTS truly is.  Oh well.

At any rate, it's still worth watching again. Besides the evident onscreen chemistry, it's about rewriting, rewriting, rewriting! (Equivalent to location, location, location!)  A lot of us could relate to this.


Dead or alive, kudos to the whole cast and crew!
Do you know the word serendipity,
he asks. She shakes her head. 
- What does it mean?
- Why, Miss Simpson, I'm surprised. 
It means opening your eyes
each morning 
and looking at the bright new day
and going absolutely ape! 
- Serendipity?
- Right. 
- Are you making it up?
- No, serendipity's a real word. 
Actually, it means the ability
to find pleasure, excitement 
and happiness
in anything that occurs. 
No matter how unexpected. 

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