Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bonifacio, Ang Unang Pangulo (2014-MMFF Entry)


Whether this is the real story or not, this movie deserves the honor for being the BEST PICTURE.  The story is beautifully weaved and even if there are debates about the events and about the great grand father of my friends, it is very believable.  If this is going to be the only basis of our history, I would not question it at all.  It is very, very convincing.    The script and the acting are very superb.  It is a true team effort.  The problem is, there are a lot of versions written by different historians that would disprove this, but then again, that was what the curator(Eddie Garcia) was trying to convey to the students.   Most of the history books got it wrong, according to him.

I wanted to enjoy the movie so I set aside everything I learned from history.  I like how the past intertwined with the present and how I was able to journey with our heroes.  I appreciated the mutual admiration between Gat Jose Rizal and the Supremo.  I cringed when Emilio Aguinaldo was depicted as heartless when Oryang visited his home crying for help(I wanted to shout, "Unfair!")...I could go on and on, but then again, I was NOT there.  I do not know what really happened. 


Robin Padilla and Vina Morales' on-screen chemistry is very, very evident.

Isko Moreno, during his cameo as Padre José Apolonio Burgos y García, was very impressive.

The kids, rather, the teenagers portrayed by Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Daniel Padilla et al, did not disappoint.

As I mentioned before, this movie's team effort (so I do not need to mention you one-by-one) made them deserve all the accolades they have been receiving and I believe that there are even more awards to come. 

Kudos to the whole cast and crew!

Directed by:
Enzo Williams

Written by:
Enzo Williams
Carlo Obispo
Keiko Aquino

Robin Padilla
Vina Morales
Daniel Padilla
Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Jericho Rosales
Richard Quan
Bon Vibar
Miguel Faustmann
Rommel Padilla
Isabel Oli
Isko Moreno
Cholo Barretto
Joem Bascon
Jun Quintana
Ping Medina 
Dennis Marasigan

Music by Von de Guzman
Cinematography Carlo Mendoza
Philippians Productions
Release dates
25 December 2014 (Philippines)

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