Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

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I love Tom Clancy.  No, we did not have any romantic relationship, but I loved reading his books.  I have tons and tons of literature written by him and some of them with his collaborators.  I haven't had the chance to read e-book versions of his books, but I own hardbound copies and paperback copies.  There was a time that his books were my companions almost everyday of my life and my favorite character that he created IS Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan is like a good online friend.  We've never met each other face to face, but I know a lot about him. I also care for his family and his organization. Sigh.  

When I learned from the grapevine that Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was going to be shown on the big screen, I was pretty excited about it.  OK, Tom Clancy is probably in writers' heaven, if there's such a place, so I was glad that one of his children will be immortalized and/or rebooted.

I was not so disappointed compared to other Jack Ryan/Tom Clancy afficionadi.   There were scenes that could have been more believable or researched better, but those aside, it was enjoyable.

No matter what they say about Chris Pine, I think he played his role well.

Kenneth Branagh is a good director and a good actor.  It is just obvious that he is very narcissistic because after that "This too is for Russia!"  scene, the close-ups were perfect.

As a whole, I liked it.  I don't think Tom Clancy would turn on his grave or anything like that. There were other technical flaws, but since I'm not an expert on those things, I would not tackle on that.

There's one thing or scene I think I have a right to speak about. 

Couldn't they think of anything else? Viktor's weakness of desiring unattainable women is, for lack of a better term,  overused already.  Hmmm, but then again, even the most intelligent people fall for the same trap again and again and again.  

Oh well.

I am hoping the sequel would be better and yes, I would definitely watch it.  I can't wait for Kevin Costner and Kiera Knightley to have more action scenes.

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