Bride For Rent(2014)

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"FOREVER may not be PERFECT but it is POSSIBLE!"-Taken from their FB page 


Finally, I'm going to write about this movie.

Why did take me so long to write about this when I've even watched it two times because I enjoyed it too much?  My, oh my. I don't know why.


Perhaps it's because somehow it has hit a soft spot.


I think I'm more of Rocco than Rocky, but I also see a little bit of Rocky in me.

Kim Chiu is very admirable here.  Yes, there was a screenplay, but there were scenes(directions) that gave her freedom to say anything she wanted.  Her role as Raquelita De La Cruz a.k.a. Rocky is someone most of our kababayans can relate to.  She is hardworking, but even in dire need, she believes that someone who could hit below the belt does not deserve her help in exchange for tons and tons of money.

I did not like the way Xian Lim looked here at first.  Rocco(Roderico Espiritu Jr.) was so disheveled and it did not look like that he smelled good.  Later, when Rocco and Rocky were playing house, there were scenes that made him oh so yummy, that someone my age, or even older, would love to devour.

Oh, pardon me.

That's just how sexy that young man is.

Anyways, the two of them look good on screen together and I would definitely watch their next projects.  

Pilita Corrales was very endearing as Rocco's La la.  She gave up a very promising career when she met the love of her life, a Chinoy businessman, Rocco's grandfather.  I'm just assuming that the grandfather's Chinoy because she's mestiza and her offspring is a chinky-eyed mestizaje or a mestizo looking guy with quarter moon-shaped eyes. 
Sometimes the people you love the most, those are the people that will hurt you the most. - Lala

Rocco: How long have you been married? And what is the secret to a long lasting relationship?
Lala: Yeah, but before that, I'd like to thank you for the interview. Because finally now, I will be able to tell you my love story. The secret? Your Lolo and I chose to love each other every waking day until the last day of his life. You know, some people think that forever is not possible. Kasi most of them think that forever is perfect! Eh wala namang perfect, 'di ba? I was not a perfect wife to your Lolo and he was not the perfect husband. We just chose to believe in forever. So, you see what we've learned? Forever is giving one another unlimited chances to love you right everyday. Rocco, there's one thing I wish for you: just believe in love. Love and be loved! Give it a chance! Love and forgive.
Thanks to for posting the quotes above.

Empoy Marquez with his broken English was great here.  His witty retorts, in my opinion, brought joy to the movie goers.

Martin Del Rosario is a young man not to be taken for granted.  He can really play any part well.  

Tirso Cruz III had a short, but sweet role here.  It might be sort of typecast, but he still made the most out of it.

Jackie Aquino made a cameo here.  Hope she gets bigger roles in the future.

The De la Cruz Family:  Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans, Eda Nolan, Zeppi Borromeo et al- At first I thought they were all parasites, making Rocky do all the work.  After several scenes, I noticed that they were all trying their best, but were not just fortunate.  

How did the family act? Were they believable? Hmmm... Since the mother is in heaven already and I believe no photograph was ever shown, I think we could imagine that the combination of the face of Dennis combined with whoever could their mother look like produced offspring like the four of them.


Would I watch it again? 
YES, I would. 

It's an old story with a new twist and it touches the heart.  I'm sure most of the moviegoers, if not all, would be able to relate with the characters.

Direk Mae

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