Girlfriend for Hire(2016)

A rich guy hires an orphaned poor girl to be his pretend girlfriend in order to escape his grandfather’s plan of marrying him off to another woman. In exchange of her service, he gives her a posh condo unit and a big weekly salary but there’s a catch: she’s not allowed to fall in love with him. Eventually, they start falling for each other and just when everything is going fine, his ex-girlfriend (and first love) resurfaces. Will he give their old love a second chance or will he choose to be with his hired girlfriend?- Viva Entertainment

Viva Films is a very adventurous movie company.  They are not greedy for money, but instead, they take the risk by producing films that are beautiful, but would probably flop.  I have seen these flicks they produced of late and I must say they are all mostly beautiful.  Sad to say, not every movie has at least have broken even, but there are those blockbuster hits like the JaDine pictures.

Girlfriend for Hire's story is nothing new, but I like the way the story was weaved and how it was executed(yes, I have described other films as such) It's great that these two actors are given this break and I am hoping and praying that more people would watch this

As for eye candies, Clint Bondad is really more pleasing to the eyes, but you can't discount the fact that Andre Paras is truly a natural.  I hope he gets to play more serious roles in the future. Thankfully, during the last parts of The HALF SISTERS he was able to prove that he is very versatile.

Another natural is the singer Donnalyn Bartolome.  I like the way she acted as Nami's best friend and cousin.

Shy Carlos and Ara Mina did well, but dear Abby Bautista is the one who never fails to surprise me.  I think I liked her ever since I've seen her act in Petrang Kabayo and Praybeyt Benjamin.  She's really very convincing.

Ronaldo Valdez(though I still don't get why he's "abuelito" when he's a Stanford) has been seasoned through the years and no matter how little or how big his role is, he does his best.

What about Yassi Pressman?  Well, it's her time to shine and I'm glad she did not cover her bright countenance with a shawl or something.

Hopefully she and Andre would also get more serious projects in the future, but for their first team-up as main characters, this would do.

All the best to this movie. Please give it a chance and watch it as soon as you can. ;-)

Directed byVanessa U. de Leon
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Clarinda Luna
Screenplay byJose Javier Reyes
Based onGirlfriend for Hire
by Yam-Yam28
(published in 2014 by Summit Media)

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Published through ABS-CBN mobile

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