Everything about her(2016)


This is NOT The Devil Wears Prada's franchise.  I do not even think this is loosely based on it, but because of the request of the Star for All Seasons to have something similar to the premise of the best seller turned blockbuster hit, STAR CINEMA was able to produce a wonderful story that has all the elements of a romantic-comedy and a heart-wrenching drama filled with lessons, morals, love, humanity and so much more. 

Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Xian Lim are three of my favorite actors. Add to that Bb. Joyce Bernal directing the film, I told myself, I have to watch this!

So I did.  I wanted to watch this on day one, but I had to wait a while because we were all very busy.  Finally, the day came and I must say that every second counted.

 The truth is, there were scenes that reminded me more of  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, except that this was not about a romantic love story between the Vivian and Jaica, but it was and still is a love story of a very special friendship and the people around the two eventual friends who are worlds apart.

Who knows why people meet?  Everyone we meet have purposes in our lives, whether we understand them or not.

Xian Lim, who was bashed by a lot of people, did so great.  I don't get why they were putting him down?  He's such a talented young man.  He plays seventeen(17) musical instruments, he can sing, he can move, he can act and he is very bright. Maybe he has to hone his hosting skills a bit, but that's very minor...wait, I think he has improved already, so I take it back.  Here, he plays Vivian's estranged son, Albert Mitra.  He is a very talented architect based in the States and he grew up feeling unloved by his mom.  

Angel is such a natural.  I really hope and PRAY that whatever she and Luis are undergoing will be fixed soon.  I also pray that they would really end up together.  May the Lord's will be done.


Back to Angel as Jaica...

She gave life to Jaica, one of our unsung heroes.  I love Jaica's spirit and it's hard to imagine Jaica being played by anybody else. 

Jaica and I are so different, but she is the type of person who speaks her mind and that's why she gets into trouble(ergo, she reminds me of me).  I am blessed that I did not have to undergo what she underwent, but I did have my share of trials.  I also experienced having almost nothing too, but thankfully we bounced back, though not exactly.  Oh, and if by chance you are a follower of my posts(travel, movies etc., food, online journal etc.  and others), you would know that Jaica has this other trait that I also have that I am not so proud of.  

VSR is Vilma Santos and Vilma is VSR(Well, she is...she is Vilma Santos Recto, but you know what I mean).  I don't think our dear Star for All Seasons ever became a "has been".  She was always a star, no matter what she did.  She is also a very industrious and honest public servant.

As an actor she started nine and now that she is already in her secondary citizenship, she is still very vital in the industry.  As usual(not that I'm complaining, ha), she does not disappoint.  Here, she has hypnotized the audience by believing she really is Vivian.

I felt her pain, yes, but I also admired her courage.  

I stayed a while after the movie was over.  I was deeply affected by it, but I also felt peace inside.  Even with deep sorrow, there was joy within.  I also observed the people in theater.  Yes, we did not applaud or anything using our hands, but everyone journeyed with the characters and experienced almost everything, if not everything they experienced.  


Angel Locsin as Nurse Jaica Domingo, Team Leader
 Xian Lim as Albert Mitra, Architect, Vivian's Son
 Ms. Vilma Santos as Vivian Rabaya (VSR)

KUDOS TO THE SUPPORTING CAST.  Thank you for internalizing your roles, no matter how big and small.
 Michael De Mesa as Paul
Nonie Buencamino as Mr. Domingo
Khalil Ramos as Jaica's Brother
Devon Seron as Jaica's sister
Alexa Ilacad as Jewel, Jaica's younger sister
Jana Agoncillo as a sampaguita vendor
Vangie Labalan as Vivian's mayordoma and friend
Buboy Villar as Jaica's cousin
Niña Dolino Optima Land staff
Bart Guingona Vivian's doctor
Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino Mrs. Domingo
Dante Ponce a person Vivian fired 

plus others who are uncredited

KUDOS TO THE CREW TOO.  You made the movie extra beautiful because of your expertise. 

Thanks to the producers.  Yes, this is a commercial film, but there is more to it than that.  Please produce more films like this one.


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