#WalangForever (2015)

Everybody has a story.  Even the most monstrous person in the world has at least one person who loves him or her.  We are all unique, but we all have similarities too.  Since we have cable/satellite feeds nowadays you would find out that people do undergo the same thing, one way or another.

Mia and Ethan's story is not exactly new, but the way it was(is) told, acted and executed is(was/are/were) very beautiful and almost seamless, if not seamless.  I have described other stories as such too.

I share Mia and Ethan's joys and pains.  I admire their friends and family.  Their friends and family truly care for them.  I also related to most parts of this story.

Like one critic, I thought of comparing this movie to a Nicholas Sparks story, but like that same person, I agree, it's not. 

The story was weaved well and became a beautiful comforter or duvet in the end.

My dad's reaction when Mia's first alter ego was shown on the big screen was, "Don't tell me you are the ghostwriter of this story?"

Inasmuch as I would be honored to be given credit as a writer of this beautiful story, I couldn't stomach it, because this story is an original by real life sweethearts, Dan Villegas(who also directed it) and Antoinette Jadaone.  It was written for the big screen by Paul Sta. Ana.  I don't know any of them personally, so it is really impossible for me to be writing for them.  Besides, they don't need a ghostwriter. :-)

I can't really blame my dad.  My given name is Lara Mia Veronica(My confirmation name is much, much longer).  Mia is Jennylyn's character here and the movie, which Mia wrote, with an "umbrella" scene had Lara as Mia's alter ego. LOL.  Kulang na lang may Veronica, I said.

I know we can't really compare this film to Honor Thy Father, because both films are beautiful, but very disparate, but I love every aspect of this film.  The actors were chosen well, everyone did their jobs great and the different kinds of relationships were tackled.

If you want more, just click the links of the reviews(above and below). 

Directed byDan Villegas
Produced by
Josabeth Alonso
Edgardo Mangahas
Fernando Ortigas
EA Rocha
Screenplay byPaul Sta. Ana
Original Story


Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone
Jennylyn Mercado
Jericho Rosales
Music byEmerzon Texon
Edited byMarya Ignacio
Quantum Films
MJM Productions
Tuko Film Productions
Buchi Boy Films
Distributed byQuantum Films


Supporting cast

  • Lorna Tolentino as Betchay Nolasco
  • Matet de Leon 
  • Irma Adlawan as Ethan's mom.  She doesn't really act. She IS whoever she plays.  She becomes the character.
  • Nico Antonio as Winwin 
  • Pepe Herrera as Aldus (If he did not go undercover in FPJ's ANG PROBINSIYANO, I would think he is really a dunce...he's a great actor.  He could play the role of a simpleton to the most complex character.  Here, he is the very best friend of Ethan and it seemed like he wasn't acting at all)
  • Cai Cortez  as Katkat (I've always loved Cai and I don't love her any less here---she's one of the best!)
  • Kim Molina  as Mia's best friend, Luli (and what a great friend she is!---Kim played her really, really well)
  • Juan Miguel Severo as Pepper  (another versatile actor---very believable---a poet too)  
  • Sebastian Castro as Vlad  (cutie)
  • Jerald Napoles   as Tonypet (the fetus that Betchay loves)  He's funny!  
  • Phoemela Baranda (doing what she does best)  :-D  
  • Myke Salomon (DJ Myke) as Chico
  • Patrick Sugui as Junjun, Mia's brother
  • Rustica Carpio as Yaya Meding
Who played Sasha?  She's sooo good! (She's also in #OTWOL)

 (EVERYone did great...I just noticed that most of them are RAKsters)

The alter egos of Ethan and Mia/Mia and Ethan
Applause, applause!


Bawat Daan by Ebe Dancel:

Sa pagkumpas ng 'yong kamay
Ang aking landas, ginagabay
Nag-iisang tiyak sa isang libong duda
Silong sa iyak, at pagluluksa

Kung puso ko ay imamapa
Ikaw ang dulo, gitna't simula
Nahanap din kita (kay tagal kong naghintay)
Nahanap kita

At maligaw man at mawala
Umikot man sa kawalan
Sa bawat kailan, sino't saan
Ikaw lamang ang kasagutan

Bawat kanan at kaliwa
Kanluran man o hilaga
Ang bawat daan ko ay patungo
Pabalik sa 'yo

Kay tagal nang lumulutang
Walang pupuntahan walang dahilan
Parang ulap na walang dalang ulan
Kamang walang kumot at unan

Bihag ako ng pagtataka
May saysay ba ang paglalakbay
Ngunit nahanap din kita
Nahanap kita

At maligaw man at mawala
Umikot man sa kawalan
Sa bawat kailan, sino't saan
Ikaw lamang ang kasagutan

Bawat kanan at kaliwa
Kanluran man o hilaga
Ang bawat daan ko ay patungo
Pabalik sa 'yo

Kay tagal kong naghintay
Kung ang puso ko ay imamapa
Ikaw ang dulo, ang gitna't simula

Kay tagal kong naghintay
Ikaw (ikaw)
Ikaw (ikaw)

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