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A Second Chance (2015)---NOT a review (updated)


Bea Alonzo as Arch. Basha Belinda Eugenio-Gonzales (She has always been beautiful, but she was even more beautiful here.  Her acting was almost seamless...and probably it was---seamless, I mean)
John Lloyd Cruz as Engr. Rodolfo 'Popoy ' Gonzales (Without a doubt, he is a great actor)
Billy Crawford as Pedro (everyone did well, but I admire how Billy Crawford personified Pedro)
Arci Muñoz as Ara, Popoy's FB in Qatar (Wow, in PASION de AMOR she plays a classy, she played a jologs, but talented woman quite well)
Al Tantay as Tito Willie (no role is too small for him...he's really good)
Dimples Romana as Krizzy (another versatile actor---as always, she did great)
Janus Del Prado as Chinno  (it's in the blood---he's a natural!)
James Blanco as Kenneth (mom did not recognize James Blanco---I watched this movie two times courtesy of my ePlus tap to pay card---she thought the one playing the role of Kenneth was really blind)
Bea Saw as Anj (I really can't wait for the 3rd installment...I hope they won't wait 8 years)
Ahron Villena as JP  (he is a flexible actor)
Khalil Ramos as Noel (the future matinee idol)
Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Rose, Basha's mom.  (awesome!)

"I know it’s brave to ask ‘what if’, but it's braver to embrace what is." - Popoy
 "You are my what was, what is and what will be." -Basha

This is what I ALWAYS tell my friends who are temporarily separated: If there's still a chance(my friend's words---if there's an iota of a chance) that you could get back together, do so.  There are many counselors out there that are willing to help, as long as you want help.  Remember the good times and why you got together in the first place.

I have this friend who is still in love with his estranged wife and I am happy that they are working things out, little by little.

A SECOND CHANCE is a movie that shows that no matter what hardships, sufferings, misunderstandings or whatever negativity there is, true love prevails.  

"Our marriage is everything we NEVER hoped for. Masaya siya, minsan malungkot, minsan masakit, minsan ang pangit. Pero yun siya. That’s love." - Popoy.

It's easy to give up when you don't meet eye to eye anymore, but if your love is still struggling to be alive, revive it.

Most of the time pride gets in the way, but you are still concerned about the other.  Some say, "Never!" or "I don't want to make the same mistake again!", but deep in their hearts, "I want her/him back..."

Some even stalk the distractions(who are probably innocent) of their spouses and yet they claim they are not interested anymore, just like this friend of mine who claims she's not in love anymore, but she keeps on prying...

Dad and mom have been married a little more than 50 years by civil rites and more than 49 years through Holy Matrimony.  They do have their ups and downs. Just before watching this movie for the first time, he made me and my friend have a kilig moment.  He told us, while mom was at Watsons, that it was only in their sunset years that he has really appreciated mom and he realized he truly loves her.  He could take all her imperfections.  There were years that if his mother-in-law was alive back then, he would have sent mom packing.  Mom, as much as we love her, is more often than not, a pain because she's such a nag, but dad has learned to appreciate every little thing she does and overlooks her nagging.  He equates it now to caring.  There was a time he would only see the negative, but now he remembers why he looked for her in the first place.  When he was still courting my mom, mom transferred residence without telling him.  He looked for her everywhere until he found her.  He told her to stop working(she was an Escolta girl back then---Escolta then was like the Makati Central Business District now), married her, took her(later on with us, their children) almost everywhere he went, etc.  There were moments when they almost dissolved their marriage, but...thank God, we are still intact.  Some marriages are worth dissolving(I've witnessed a lot of turbulent marriages with physical and verbal abuse), I know, but thankfully, my parents chose to save theirs.  

I fell in love with the story of Basha and Popoy in One More Chance.  I wrote about it on my, but a lot of my reviews are in limbo now...lost in cyberspace.  One More Chance is definitely more beautiful than A Second Chance, but the latter's not a box office hit for nothing.  My brother said it's all hype, that's why I didn't want to watch it before, but it's not.  It's a wonderful story and I think they will have another sequel focusing on Anj and Chinno (Basha and Popoy would probably be the matchmakers or something), but whether that would happen or not, it's really worth one's time.  

PILE(less Eise) was supposed to watch this after Mockingjay Part 2, but...  I guess I was really meant to watch it with Jinkee(with the Piamonte Family in front of us).  There were a lot of touching scenes and my favorites were:

1) The ONE person that believes in YOU (so you could achieve your dream)


2) "I need your help..." "I was just waiting for you to ask."


Cathy Garcia-Molina is a great rom-com and hugot director...The whole gang is a great support group and they are ALL very vital to the story.  There is unity in diversity and true friendship, like true love, prevails.

Bea and John Lloyd are seasoned actors and they are perennially improving their craft.  

It always takes two to tango and both of them(Popoy and Basha) love each other with different love languages, as my Big Sis would say.  They both are scared to hurt the other, but eventually they each hurt the other in the process.

There are also different kinds of love tackled and even if some problems don't get solved and professional envy often destroys any type of relationship, there are people who stay by your side no matter how imperfect you are.  They stay loyal no matter how you hurt them.  (If it's physical or debasing/ ULTRA derogatory verbal abuse, LEAVE!)

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6 Major Love Lessons from A Second Chance

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