The PreNup (2015) non-review

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I know I don't have any right to criticize this movie, after all, I'm just an observer, but as an observer,  I think I could share my opinions.  Am I right?

As a whole, I like it.  What's not to like? My crush(OK, one of my crushes), Sam Milby is the leading man.  I like Jennylyn Mercado.   I like all the cast members.  I greatly respect the director,  I love the premise. So what happened?

In all fairness. when I checked the cast, I saw that Sibyl Santiago played Tatay's wife.  I did not see her in the film.  The only scene where Steven Cambria(Tatay) appeared was at Central Park where he told Wendy that his wife did not like her to stay with them.  Did other scenes get cut?  Or did I get it wrong?  Without the scenes with Sibyl Santiago, Wendy's tatay did not have a redeeming factor.  I know, I know, he did offer to bring her to a hotel, but...Dad said he just saw him give her money.  Money that she did not want to accept because she claims she has her own pocket money, but accepted anyway. Hmmm. My guess is there were technical glitches. No worries. It happens to the best. 

Yes, yes, yes!  Jennylyn, Sam and the rest of the troop are all good, if not great, but the movie was too long, according to my dad. According to him, there were a lot of dragging scenes and the movie would have been more exciting if it were shorter, but with more substance. We enjoyed it anyway so 
I'll just leave the technical stuff to the experts:

Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Sibyl Santiago as Tatay's Wife
  • Ella Cruz as Mocha
  • Steven Cambria as Tatay
  • Gardo Versoza as Agaton
  • Dominic Ochoa as Edgar
  • Kopyrh Snyder-Shane as Other Daughter (there's another daughter????)
  • Teena Omar as Girl at the Bar
  • Nathalie Hart as Ginny, Sean's ex

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