Tres Marias Live in Concert at the Music Museum

(super bright)
Musical Director: Mr Mel Villena

Starring: Ms. Lolita Carbon,
Ms. Cooky Chua and Ms. Bayang Barrios

Guests:  Mr.Gary Granada ad Mr. Noel Cabangon

Back story(?) 

My brother, Karl, and I were really interested in watching this since we've seen them being interviewed at The Ryzza Mae show and Aquino & Abunda Tonight.  Though we seldom agree, Karl and I love each other.  Most of the time we get into each other's hair, but I'm glad we both like the group called TRES MARIAS.

Even if we wanted to watch it, we did not dare buy tickets because the concert's date was the 4th of September, my parents 49th Church Wedding Anniversary(their 50th Civil wedding anniversary is on the 19th of November this year).  Never in my wildest dreams did I think dad would be interested in watching this type of concert on their special day.  Hmm.  He did initiate(sorta, kinda) watching RAMA HARI(but insisted on watching Karylle and Christian B's version only)a day before his birthday, but more often than not, even if he ends up liking it, I am the one who invites my folks, like in the case of BITUING WALANG NINGNING-THE MUSICAL and MUSIKAL(last year's anniversary treat).  

I was quite amazed that last Thursday morning, which is practically yesterday morning because it's just the wee hours of the morning, as dad was reading THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER, he announced: Let's watch TRES MARIAS!

I gladly accompanied him to the nearest Ticket World outlet(NBS, ATC). There were 252 seats left, the best ones were taken, the sides(I'm sure) and the Balcony(I think) were sold out so we got five(5) orchestra center tickets.  Dad and mom had senior citizen discounts so we still got the five tickets at a good price altogether. Besides, compared to those foreign acts people are dying to see, even selling their souls perhaps, PhP3,000.00 is not bad for Orchestra Center seats, even if it's still steep for the people who hardly have anything to eat.  

20th year of Ticket World(the tickets are more pleasing to the eyes)


The traffic was horrendous so even if it was already 7:30 in the evening, we were some of the early birds (Thanks to the kind usher wearing glasses who took these pictures---forgot to get his name)

The concert was running late, so we were grateful that we could order something from the Music Museum Cafe(food purchased elsewhere is not allowed)

Right from the singing of our National Anthem(Lupang Hinirang) up to the penultimate mash up about our INANG BAYAN, there were no dull moments.

Their voices are really, really melodious and powerful.  I have heard Bayang Barrios sing live before and I was able to chat with her for a short while sometime ago about my buying a couple of her creations found at the CCP(she designs accessories).  My first reaction when I saw her on stage was, "She's blooming!"  I found her extra gorgeous in her black gown and she's forever graceful.  Oh, and she's funny too,  The first line she uttered went something to this effect, "Tingnan mo, o...di tayo nilangaw!" (fractured or rough translation: Look, the place isn't empty...we're almost jam-packed!)  Nilangaw means having been infested with flies or a flop.  
I've also seen and heard Cooky Chua in person during my cousin's wedding reception.  She sang "Power of Two" among others and I found her to be very talented.  I love her band, COLOR IT RED and I have always admired her singing, but tonight, her voice was extra beautiful.  Goosebumps were all over me every time she sang, so her wardrobe mishap(nothing embarrassing because it was only inverted) is very, very forgivable.

Among the three, even if I have somehow followed the career of the ASIN Band, it was the very first time I've heard Lolita Carbon(ara---as they teased her) sing live.  I'm very, very impressed with her.  She keeps on calling herself aged or something to that effect, but her voice doesn't sound aged at all.  When she is singing with Cooky and Bayang when your eyes are closed, you would hear that their voices complement each other.  

Some photos of THE CONCERT PROPER (8:46 to 10:46 in the evening)

Noel Cabangon

In toto, the concert was great.  It was about girl power, love of country, fighting for our rights, having fun, friendship, relationships and so much more.

I love the choices of songs and their messages.  I also love their candor.  Yes, it was scripted (there were idiot boards/teleprompters all around), but they were very spontaneous too.

Maraming, maraming salamat sa inyo, Tres Marias.  Tunay na pinhanga ninyo kami.  Ang inyong mga tinig ay mala-anghel na kaya ring tumunog na parang mga nakakaakit na diwata. Ikinararangal naming maging bahagi ng palatuntunan or pagtatanghal na ito bilang manunood.

Maraming salamat sa musika at pagpapaalala na dapat nating pahalagahan ang sarili nating WIKA.  

Sana'y simula lang ito ng maraming-maraming pagtatanghal sa hinaharap.

The only video I was able to take was this Gary Granada revolutionary song:
I waited for this to upload before publishing(and the pictures took a lot of time to upload too, so I had to lessen them)
I was too awe struck to take a video of this song when it was sung live, so here's a "canned" version about being the stewards of creation:
Ito naman ang opisyal na "video" ng WIKA:

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