Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Champ (1931) and The Champ (1979)

When I watched THE CHAMP(1979) several times in the 1980s, I did not know it was a remake.  Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway and Ricky Schroeder acted as if the roles were tailor made for them.  In a way, the roles were indeed tailor made for them. 

Billy (Jon Voight) used to be a great boxer, but he's settled into a hardscrabble life that revolves around drinking, training horses, and the one bright spot in his existence -- his young son, T.J. (Ricky Schroder). Although Billy has had custody of T.J. since his wife, Annie (Faye Dunaway), left the family years ago, her return prompts a new struggle for the former fighter. Determined to hold on to T.J., Billy gets back into the ring to try and recapture his past success.-WWW





Last night, when we got tired of a certain show, mom said, "Let's check what's showing on TCM."  So we did.  THE CHAMP(1931) was playing with the famous Jackie Cooper as the devoted son named Dink and Wallace Beery as The Champ.  At first I thought it was Jerry Lewis, but it said 1931 so it couldn't be him, then mom said, "That's the father in A DATE with JUDY!"

So it was.

We felt for Dink.  His "has been" dad has been exposing him to environments that are not child-friendly. Although he had friends his age, he grew up too soon.  It seemed like he was more of The Champ's parent rather than the son.

Please read the imdb reviews.

Champ (Wallace Beery) is a down-on-his-luck boxer in Tijuana whose son, Dink (Jackie Cooper), adores him despite Champ's addictions to alcohol and gambling. When Champ wins enough money from a bet to buy Dink a horse, they enter it into a race, where they encounter Linda (Irene Rich), Dink's mother, whom he has never met. Linda's rich new husband, Tony (Hale Hamilton), convinces Champ to let Dink come and stay with them, but Dink's love for his father brings him back to Tijuana-WWW
Directed by: King Vidor
Written by: Frances Marion and Leonard Praskins

The 1979 film was very dramatic.  The 1931 classic was as well dramatic, but there were lighter moments.  My brother noticed that as a former champion boxer, Wallace Beery's footwork was not technical and so were his moves.  I think that's what improved in the 1979 film.  

I like both films, but after watching the 1931 version, I think I like the original better.  Jackie Cooper is Jackie Cooper.  Wallace Beery was not bad too.  He won an Oscar for his role.  Jackie Cooper should've won it instead.   

The two movies are different.  The only things the same with them are:
1) The Title;
2)The father/son relationship;
3) the horses;
4) the estranged mother;
5) pugilism ++;
6) and the ending

If there was something I liked better with the 1979 remake, it's the Theme Song:
This is the very memorable theme song of the 1979 remake
It was such a moving song.  I guess I want this song played during my funeral. Wait.  I don't want a funeral.  If I die anytime soon, I just want to be cremated.  I don't want to have a wake.  That's my wish. 

Am I being morbid again?

The last person who said I was being morbid went ahead of me already.  

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