Star Cinema's Beauty in a Bottle (2014)

When I first saw the trailer above, I told myself I would definitely watch this.  I thought to myself, I needed a good laugh...something to take the blues away.  What I didn't realize was that this was more than a comedy.  It's a movie with direct and hidden messages...a movie that hits several soft spots...a movie that a lot of people, if not all, could relate to.

It's the first time, I think, that I've encountered Antoinette Jadaone, and I must say that she's a very good raconteur and director.  I haven't checked who the casting director is, but I must say that he or she chose the actors well.  From the bit players, to the sorta kinda villains, to the best friends, to the in-laws(future in-laws), families to the main characters, the characters were tailor-made for them.  

It was great to see familiar faces that I didn't expect to see. I also was amused that Empress Schuck agreed to play a bitchy version of herself.   Everyone did a good job, but these people stood out(not necessarily in order):
1. Ricci Chan and Nico Antonio;
2. Cai Cortez;
3. Jeremy Benjamin Domingo;
4. Irma Adlawan;
5. Dimples Romana;
6. Buboy/Boboy Garovillo;
7. Nanette Invetor;
8. Carmi Martin;
9. Ellen Adarna;

and of course, the four(4) main characters, Angeline Quinto, Angelica Panganiban, Assunta De Rossi and of course, Tom Rodriguez.  Tom Rodriguez plays a supposedly supporting character, Pocholo Vergel de Dios, a very handsome and very rich guy who loves Judith(Quinto) so much, but because of her insecurities, she couldn't believe it. Angeline as Judith is a natural. :-) 

Angelica plays Estelle Suarez, a rising star who became so fat, but tried to do something about it.  I don't want to give away what happened to her, but when she was shooting the TV ad for BELO'S BEAUTY IN A BOTTLE, she reminded me of the pre-John Robert Powers Marian Rivera(I'm not even sure if Marian enrolled at John Robert Powers, but she surely is a much improved Marian, inside and out).

Assunta as Vilma here is spectacular.  I love her moments with her team, Ms.Santi(Martin) and her best friend(Romana).  

Anyways, I'm just yapping and yapping.

Don't go running after the last scene because there are scenes about the "future" and if you're still interested, there are also bloopers.

This movie gives you, the moviegoer a lighter feeling and would remind you what Eleanor Roosevelt reminds everyone: NO ONE can make you feel inferior without YOUR consent. 


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