Past Tense (2014)

Xian Lim, Kim Chiu, Ai Ai Delas Alas and Director Mae Cruz-Alviar

Typhoon QUEENIE hit Visayas and Mindanao really, really hard and because of this, some provinces were not able to watch this movie.  If one is fighting for dear life...

When Boy Abunda talked to Kim Chiu about this, she just said, "Soft opening pa lang po..."

Kim has been bashed for her winning BEST ACTRESS for her roles as Isabel, Jacq and Andrea in Ikaw Lamang (28th PMPC Star Awards for Television). Even if all her contenders are great actors, I don't know why people have been bashing her.  She's a very versatile actor/actress and played her parts well.  I somehow felt her pain when she cried.  Thankfully, Xian Lim is very supportive and helps her to overcome all those obstacles with head held high.

She also did well as the 2014 version of Rosabelle. 
PAST TENSE is a  romantic comedy directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar  about two friends who have been there for each other since their freshman year in the university.  Their friendship was somehow compromised when the campus hunk to die for played by Daniel Matsunaga, entered their lives.  

It is a very endearing movie, but it could have lessened the uttering of "Oh my gosh!" 

We enjoyed every minute, anyways.   There were lots of kilig moments and there were moments that wrenched our hearts too.  Every member of the cast was chosen well.  If you ask me if there were flaws, maybe there were, but I didn't try to notice anything, except that... 

Well, there's just another thing that bothered me, but since I don't know how to make a body suit or create anything prosthetic, I don't know if I have the right to say this(Probably none, but I'll say it anyway):  The body suit of Sam Milby in MY BIG LOVE is better than Xian's body suit.  Xian's body suit, at times, did not look convincing(sorry...).  Oh well.  At least it did look convincing during some of the scenes, so I'll still say, "Congratulations EVERYONE for a job well done!"

Blessings and cheers!

Melai and RS
These two actors are naturals

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