The Amazing Spider Man 2 (2014)

A friend of mine who was losing his faith in the Spider-man franchise felt good and is now very excited to watch Spider-man 3.  I have a the same sentiments.  

The movie is amazing from start to finish.  I now understand why Mary Jane was not introduced in the first installment and in this current one.  It's because it's Gwen Stacy's moment.  It just wouldn't be right to ruin that moment.

The special participation of Stan Lee always adds life to any Marvel Comic based movie and this is no exception.

The special effects, the acting, everything...everything's great! Even the villains are exceptional. 

My seven-year-old nephew even knows the drill.  He stayed until the end credits.  He's excited because the X-men and Spidey would... ;-) (I told him that maybe his guess was wrong, but he's still excited anyways)

Anyways, this Spidey movie is not without flaws, but for me, it's one of the best versions ever.

Do watch it when you have the chance. :-)

This comes with seven(7) donuts

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
From The Hollywood Reporter:
 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield not only play an onscreen couple, but are also dating in real life.

Again, from The Hollywood Reporter: 

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Cast

From left: Producer Matthew Tolmach, directorMarc WebbJamie FoxxEmma Stone,Andrew GarfieldDane DeHaan and producerAvi Arad posed for photographers.

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