Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Diary ng Panget (Movie, PG) 2014 #DNP

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We did not have plans of watching this film.  Yes, we weren't looking forward to it.  We did not even know that versatile performers like Candy Pangilian, Mitch Valdez and Gabby Concepcion were included in the supporting cast.  It just so happened that my parents are senior citizens of the City of Parañaque and were a little bored yesterday afternoon.  It was a Tuesday and they could avail of any of the "free for seniors" movie in any SM Cinema in the City of Parañaque(Bicutan, Sucat and SM City BF Parañaque).

They've seen everything so they were forced to watch DIARY NG PANGET.  I, of course, did not mind.

While the credits were shown, I saw the names of aforementioned actors, Andoy Ranay(a very respectable director) and Tara Illenberger(someone I admire greatly for her work).  

"Dada, respectable people are behind this film. Don't worry. Who knows? You might enjoy this!" (The sentence construction might be wrong, but that's how I said it---haha!)

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We enjoyed watching the film.  There were a few goofs(or we probably were just confused---LOL) like she was supposed to be out of her aunt's place(it was understandable when she left the Sanford Estate, but...) and geesh, the pimples appeared, disappeared, appeared again (continuance issues), but they were forgivable.

It's a romantic comedy and it's NOT a thinker's film, so we shouldn't expect much.

All I can say is that the veteran actors did not disappoint and the young ones, especially Andre Paras(Chad Jimenez) and James Reid(Cross Sanford), are very, very promising.

Mom's asking if James Reid is related to Hilda Koronel who was born as Susan Reid.  Oh well.  There are tons of Garcias in the world and not all of the Garcias are related to us, right?  Anyways, whether he is related or not is immaterial.  This young man would definitely go places!

Andre Paras is a natural.  He's cute and funny.  

Yassi Pressman(Lory Keet) is still the cute little girl I admired when she was about five(5), I guess.  She also holds promise...

...what about Nadine Lustre(Rhea "Eya" Rodriguez)? She's good.  She could be gross and she could be beautiful.  Alright, I see that she kind of looks Kathryn Bernardo, but it ends there.  They don't act the same and they don't talk the same. Hmmm, I guess with that striking resemblance, producers and casting directors could cast them as siblings or cousins one day...maybe even twins. 


The mean girls: I don't know the names of the ones with Coraleen Waddell, but I've seen them before...they(including CW) are effective, but cliche-ish. 

In toto, this movie is very enjoyable.  Dad says he did not enjoy it, but he lasted until Cross and Eya were talking about "The Diary". Mom says she can compare it to "Meteor Garden"(流星花園) and "Boys Over Flowers"(꽃보다 남자)...Eya is like Shan Cai(董杉菜) or Jan-di(금잔디).  May she's right, but not entirely.  This is Denny's creation and it's an original.

Maybe like my dad you won't like it much, but how would you know if you wouldn't watch, right? 


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