Saturday, December 7, 2013

Call Center Girl(2013) is a film worth your time

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Call Center Girl is a very timely film about our unsung heroes who live like OFWs in our own country.

Pokwang, who stars in this film, again proves that she is more than a former champion of CLOWN IN A MILLION.   

There was a time when Pokwang's name was tainted by a video that went viral via the youtube.   I lost my respect for her because of this, but if God can forgive, why can't I? I cannot speak for everyone present.  Of course, like the Anne Curtis-Smith fiasco at the Prive Luxury Club at The Fort Strip, we weren't there and we do not know the whole story.  Vice Ganda also irked me when he made fun of fat rape victims at Jessico Soho's expense, but if JS could forgive him, why couldn't I?

Anyways, if you want to hear her explanation, please click this.

In any case, though it does not really matter much, she gained my respect when she played the role of Aryana's mom, Ofelia.  Pokwang played the role of a kindhearted plain looking woman.  In real life, she could be alluring if she wants to, but she earns more money that way, just like AiAi De las Alas.  If my memory serves me correctly, if Edu Manzano did not market her as Chinny La Chica (the counter part of Donya Buding...or is it arch-nemesis?), then I guess she would not portray roles of homely women too.

In real life, although it's none of my business, I would rather see Jessy Mendiola end up with my crush, Sam Milby, because I think they are well suited for each other.  Yet, in this movie, I saw that she has good onscreen chemistry with the very versatile actor, Enchong Dee.  It would be nice if they would have more projects together.

I did not think much of Jessy Mendiola in BUDOY, but when I saw her dance in ASAP on one of her birthday celebrations, I realized that she is definitely star material.  Like Enchong, Jessy is very versatile. 

In MARIA MERCEDES, although my mother does not agree with me, she proves her versatility.  May I just talk about MM for a while?  I just want to request that since they already Philippinized, if there's such a term, the story already, I hope that Santiago would not die, because for me, Luis San Cuevas does not deserve to have Mercedes back. If not Santiago, Clavio is not a bad choice.  Then again, that's just my opinion.

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For me, CALL CENTER GIRL, is a movie Filipinos should not miss.  It may not be a perfect film, but it is very enjoyable. Teenagers and adults would certainly learn something from this too because it is about family, relationships and other matters.  I think this film deserves a sequel(Enchong and Jessy as central characters) or a prequel(expanding the role of Jestoni Alarcon) or a spin-off.  

Kudos to the whole cast and crew, most especially Don Cuaresma(director) and Kriz Garmen(writer). 

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