Kimmy Dora ang Kiyemeng Prequel (2013)

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You've gotta love Dora's brown rice.

When Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme's showing as full feature flick via the silver screen ended, I was trying to imagine what the sequel would be.  I thought the twins would get married to their respective partners, then would have kids, so forth and so on. I guess that was too predictable so they chose to have a prequel instead.

Others say the first was the best.

What's my opinion?

Yes, Kimmy Dora was definitely the best, but the other two were barrels of laughs too.

It is seldom that comediennes of Eugene's caliber get noticed, so I'm very, very happy that people acknowledge her versatility.  She is a person with a good heart and even with all her fame and accolades, she still gets very, very nervous up to the opening day.

...and because of that very reason, I TRY to make it a point to watch every movie or TV show.  I want to watch one of her stage plays one day.  I hope it would really be possible.

No matter what the critics say, a lot of people enjoyed watching this film.  

I could only base it from the reactions of the people who watched it with me inside the theater.  They were giggling and they were definitely having fun.

Yet, I must agree and reiterate that Kimmy Dora(original story) is still the best.

I watched that first installment seven times and the only time when people weren't laughing much was when we watched it at SM Bicutan and the only reason was because like me and my companions, they've seen the movie more than once(and it was midday).

In any case, Kimmy Dora ang Kiyemeng Prequel is worth watching.

Eugene Domingo rocks and Sam Milby is one of the best actors there is.  Once he improves his speaking of the vernacular(hey, it also adds to his appeal, but...), he would definitely have more projects. 

This movie is a team effort, so congratulations to everyone involved in this film. Some of them are listed below as copy pasted from Wikipedia:
Directed byChris Martinez
Produced by
Written byChris Martinez
  • Eugene Domingo
  • Sam Milby
  • Joel Torre
  • Ariel Ureta
  • Angel Aquino
  • Miriam Quiambao
  • Dingdong Dantes
  • Zanjoe Marudo
  • Mura
  • Moi Bien
  • Paulo Avelino
  • Tippy Dos Santos
  • Sam Concepcion
  • MJM Productions
  • Quantum Films
Distributed bySpring Films
Release dates
  • December 25, 2013


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