Monday, July 29, 2013

REKORDER: a "thinkers' movie"

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Ronnie Quizon is an underrated actor who is more than just his father's son and that's the very reason why I fully support this film.

Without expecting to like it, my best friend, Eise, accompanied me to watch it at the Alabang Town Center Cinema 4.  When I bought the tickets, a total of three people purchased the tickets. Tsk, tsk.   Unlike in Greenbelt where people were aware of the film fest, people from Alabang seemed oblivious to the fact.  I usually post things after the fact, but I felt that I just had to do something and hopefully, someone would notice.  I don't even check-in because of security reasons(talo pa artista at politico, LOL), but I was compelled to post my ticket purchase(s).   

I don't know if it helped or not, but  it does not matter.  Even if the place wasn't jam-packed or anything, there were more people who experienced the movie with us.

THE MOVIE (New Breed Category of Cinemalaya):

Director: Mikhail Red (only 21 years old)
Executive Producer: Butch Jimenez
Story and Concept: Mikhail Red 
Screenplay: Mikhail Red and Ian Victoriano
Starring: Ronnie Quizon and a cast of very talented and equally underrated actors.

The Trailer
REKORDER is a story of a very loving father(to the role of Belle Mariano) and husband(to the role of Suzette Ranillo) named Maven played by Ronnie Quizon.  Maven means an expert in a particular field, so in my opinion, the name fits the character well. He is very maven in videography and was a professional camera man in the film industry during his heyday. 

Later, because of an "incident" which turns Maven's world upside down, he wastes his life and becomes involved in the illegal world of camcording(RA 10088).

Most of the time he is catatonic, stoic, seemingly uncompassionate/insensitive and stoned(without using drugs).  This is portrayed remarkably well by Quizon.

Because of his versatility, he should have more projects that would showcase the diversity of his skills, which includes being a musician.


Some of the people involved in his life or he meets along the way:

His sidekick, played by the witty, Robert "Buboy" Villar, is his lookout.  He warns Maven if theater authorities are on the prowl.  I don't know if this makes sense, but even if Buboy's character is doing something illegal, that character, in his young age seems to have developed some sort of wisdom and love for what he is doing. Buboy holds promise and probably would take the path Roderick Paulate took.

Earl Ignacio plays his very concerned friend who used to work with him when he was still a cameraman in the film industry.  Though his role is short, he did his job well.

The good cop is played effectively by Mike Lloren. He made us(the audience) believe that even if his role is a bit mischievous and has killed a rabid dog, good cops like him still exist in this world.

Archie Adamos, a favorite character actor of mine, plays a buy and seller. Of course, he did great. 

Suzette Ranillo, a "member" of showbiz royalty is a co-producer and plays Maven's wife, Lynn. She reciprocates Maven's love and is a very good mother to their daughter.

Belle Mariano captures the heart of everyone.  She plays the role of a young girl filled with wishes and dreams. Lynn and Maven love her very, very much. 

Joe Gruta wrenched my heart as he played the role of the old man who was saddened by the callousness of society and the wasted life of the young man who was murdered in front of lots of kibitzers, including Maven, who videographed the crime and treated it like a show.


Kudos to the cast and crew. ALL of you did your job exceptionally well.  I will definitely watch out for films megged by Mikhail Red in the near future.  

I wish more people would be able to see this and may this reap tons of awards internationally. 

Why is this a thinkers' movie?

Just watch the movie and you would know what I mean. :)

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