Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim(2013), a movie I never really expected to like

Being the only girl in the family, although I had lots and lots of dolls and other feminine playthings, I was exposed to Lego sets, match boxes, toy guns, Justice League (DC) and Marvel comics, and robots.  I was addicted to watching Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos etc. while collecting their action figures/robots. All of them were donated to less fortunate children and though I gave them away wholeheartedly, sometimes I wonder how it would feel like if I still have them.

When the trailers of PACIFIC RIM were shown, you would think I would jump for joy, but I did not.  In my mind this was only going to be a TRANSFORMERS or KING KONG versus GODZILLA wannabe. Boy, was I wrong! (more below)

Written(along with the author,TRAVIS BEACHAM) and Directed by GUILLERMO DEL TORO
Pacific Rim is a surprisingly endearing story, which is action packed, funny, with a little drama and a lot of sense. 

True, the scenes were literally dark, but if it weren't, I guess, little kids would get scared, even if a parent or a guardian would try to guide or calm them.

The only names familiar to me, though a lot of faces were also familiar, were of course Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman, but somehow, while watching this flick, it did not matter. 

Sometimes watching movies with total strangers as actors are better because you don't have any expectations.  We only decided to watch this movie because of having nothing else to watch(we've seen everything we liked) and we were surprised to be able to appreciate and relate to almost everything and everyone.

There were flaws, of course, but it did not matter.  True, Christian groups might not want to promote this film, but beliefs aside, it is a movie that will let you realize that the human race is worth fighting for.

Charlie Day as Dr. Newton Geiszler and Burn Gorman(a familiar stranger) as Professor Gottlieb, were two of my favorite characters. I can research anything under the sun, except complex math and science, so I'm hats off to these two.  They are different from each other and disagree a lot, but together, they are Earth's lethal weapons.

Being a woman, perhaps, made me also appreciate the roles Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunnam played.  Being drift partners, they knew each other inside and out. My favorite part, besides the last scene, was when Raleigh told Mako that(not verbatim) he never thought of his future until now and he never did have perfect timing.  Without needing to be direct, it was verbalizing his thoughts and affections for her and she understood completely.

I also love the two marshals played by Idris Elba(Stacker Pentecost in this movie and Heimdall, the Gate Keeper in Thor---I just didn't recognize him at first) and Max Martini(Herc Hansen). I won't expound, so please just watch the movie. 

Is it safe to bring kids to this movie?

It really depends.  My six-year-old nephew appreciates Transformers, the Marvel Superheroes and the like. With us there, I think he could appreciate Pacific Rim too, but to be safe, I guess you should only bring kids ages 10 and up.

My rating(from 1-5): I give it a 4.5

Your opinion might differ from mine, but that's how I see it. 

Left to right: Charlie Day(Dr. Newton Geiszler), Idris Elba(Stacker Pentecost), Rinko Kikuchi(Mako Mori), Charlie Hunnam(Raleigh Becket), Robert Kazinsky(Chuck Hansen), Diego Klattenhoff(Yancy Becket) and Ron Perlman(Hannibal Chau)

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