Paprika by Satoshi Kon (2006)

Genre: Animation
/Science Fiction

Psychotherapy is very much real today, yet in Satoshi Kon's PAPRIKA it climbs up a couple of notches. The DC mini was invented by a young doctor named Dr. Tokita. Like any inventor with a noble cause, Tokita envisioned the device to be a great help in solving problems of future patients.

Unfortunately, three of the prototypes were stolen. This is where the trouble begins.

Science is a wonderful "gift" to mankind, but once misused, danger not only lurks in one makes itself known.

This is the thrust of the story by Seishi Minakami collaborated with the famous director himself.

No one can play God. If he/she tries to be God, he/she will destruct, rather than create.

I liked this movie...the merging of dreams...the merging of characters...In the first 45 minutes of the film I was already rating it with three stars, but the last ten minutes convinced me it's a four.

This film is definitely NOT for kids because of the many disturbing portions.

In 2008 Won a Chlotrudis Award in Best Visual Design. The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is a non-profit organization that builds audiences for independent film, helps people experience the world through independent film, and encourages discussion and discourse about film and the world. (from the event's web site, 2004)

In 2007, Satoshi Kon won the Fantasporta Critics' Choice award.

Also in 2007, Satoshi Kon won Montréal Festival of New Cinema's Public's Choice Award

and lastly (also in 2007) The movie won the best feature film award in the Newport Beach Film Festival.

It also was nominated for best animation of the Online Film Critics Society (2008) and last 2006 Satoshi Kon was nominated for the Golden Lion award of Venice Film Festival.

 Updated(trailer below added much, much later):

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