My Best Friend's Girlfriend (2008)

Embedded videos of Why Can't It Be? and All I need are found below
Like the movie's tag line "Love comes in unexpected packages" my loving this movie was so unexpected. I didn't plan to see this film ever since it was promoted. Why? Even if I like both Marian Rivera (Grace) and Richard Gutierrez (Evo), I just didn't see any chemistry while watching the trailer (not that the trailer isn't any good). The plot also made me cringe inside. There's that unspoken rule between CLOSE friends/siblings/CLOSE relatives, right? Weeks passed since it opened and still I didn't even have a tinge of desire to watch it. 

Why did I watch it?

When I woke up this morning I didn't even realize I was going to see this film. I worked a little, checked some email, posted some pictures, then tried to take a nap while Eat Bulaga was "on air" (although I was enjoying Aling Melissa's "game" I was very drowsy). 
RJ had other things in mind. He wanted to go out. I was feeling mentally drained that I didn't want to go far and I didn't want to walk around so I told RJ that we would go to Festival Supermall to watch a movie. 
There were three "wholesome" films playing: My Big Love (we've seen it already...though I would love to have an original DVD of this movie and watch it again and again and again, I just didn't feel like watching it today); Water Horse (is that even the right title?...well, RJ didn't want to see it---he probably hated the poster---- so that was out of the question) and #BFGF. RJ usually walks out if he doesn't like the movie. He didn't like the "wedding scenario" of "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" (a Richard Gutierrez flick) that he didn't finish it. He didn't like "HITCH" (it was his birthday and my despedida ---I was leaving for Davao to stay there for more than a month that time---I was scouting for some prime property in secret for a friend and I was trying to forget someone and I had ourselves stamped, brought him home then went back to Festival Super Mall cinemas to watch the entire thing---I don't think we could do that anymore nowadays), "FINDING NEMO" (because of the scene with the dentist) and "MADAGASCAR"(this I couldn't figure out). He loved: CARS, LET THE LOVE BEGIN, LIZZIE McGUIRE the MOVIE, SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME, MULAWIN the MOVIE, BEAUTY and the BEAST, The LION KING, MY BIG LOVE, The INCREDIBLES, LETHAL WEAPON 4 and a few others so I guess it was worth a try. 

This movie is what my mentors call a formula film: An old plot with new twists. I didn't expect some scenes to turn out that way. Gees. I didn't even expect to relate with Marian's character called Grace because we're world's apart, but I was surprised to find out that she has a "special sibling" in that movie that she loved so dearly. That special sibling also had seizures, et cetera, et cetera. (I miss PG who died of a cardiac arrest and aneurysm...he'll "celebrate" [in heaven] his 5th death anniversary on May 11, Mother's Day [and our Parish Fiesta]...this year it falls on the same day this year...shucks...). 

The movie is almost seamless with the exception of 1.) I don't know how Grace could purchase barbecued "isaw"...she had no pockets...she didn't even have a handbag(maybe she knew the now, pay later...much, much later); 2.)Grace and Evo did not wear helmets[it was a good thing that Grace wore a helmet when she was riding with her brother] during their rides; 3)the instantly wrapped corned beef and noodles at the sari-sari store and some other scenes. Nevertheless, the movie is great even if I couldn't give it a perfect five, because my DLSZ batch mate, Mark A. Reyes V, did a terrific job. I know he has a great future in the film industry (international caliber). So, did RJ finish the film? You betcha! We even watched it again. =)


3rd Avenue (@ Sis) 
by Rannie Raymundo 
(sung in the movie by 3rd Avenue) 
You came along, unexpectedly 
I was doing fine in my little world 
Oh baby please don’t get me wrong 
‘Cause I’m not complaining 
But you see, you got my mind spinning

Why can’t it be? 
Why can’t it be the two of us? 
Why can’t we be lovers
Only friends? 
You came along 
At a wrong place, at a wrong time 
Or was it me? 

Baby I dream of you every minute 
You’re in my dreams 
You’re always in it 
That’s the only place I know 
Where you could be mine 
And I’m yours but only 
Till I wake up 

Why can’t it be? 
Why can’t it be the two of us?
Why can’t we be lovers
Only friends?
You came along
At a wrong place, at a wrong time
You came along
At a wrong place, at a wrong time 

Or was it me?


Jack Wagner 
(movie version sung by: Shamrock) 

Kissing you is not what I had planned 
And now I'm not so sure just where I stand 
I wasn't looking for true love 
But now you're looking at me 
You're the only one I can think of 
 You're the only one I see 

All I need Is just a little more time 
To be sure what I feel
 Is it all in my mind 
Cause it seems so hard to believe 
That you're all I need

 Yes it's true we've all been hurt before 
But it doesn't seem to matter anymore 
 It may be a chance we're taking 
But it always comes to this 
If this isn't love we're making 
Then I don't know what it is 
 All I need Is just a little more time 
 To be sure what I feel Is it all in my mind 
Cause it seems so hard to believe 


No stars are out tonight 
But we're shining our own light 
 And it's never felt so bright
 Cause girl the way I'm feeling
 It's easy to believe 
That you're all I need 
You're all I need

Directed by Mark A. Reyes V, DGPI 

Produced by Annette Gozon-Abrogar, Lily Y. Monteverde, Roselle Monteverde-Teo, Jose Mari Abacan and Manny Valera 

Written by Suzette Doctolero 

Starring: Richard Gutierrez
Marian Rivera
J.C. de Vera
Ehra Madrigal
Renz Valerio
Pilar Pilapil
Deborah Sun
Paolo Paraiso
Alex Castro
Chariz Solomon
Victor Aliwalas

Music by Von de Guzman 
Cinematography Jay Linao 

Editing by Aleks Castañeda and Jay Halili 

Distributed by GMA Films and Regal Entertainment 

Release date February 13, 2008 

Running time 115 minutes 

Country Philippines Language Filipino, English 

Budget Php30 million

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