Horton Hears a Who! (The Philosophical Dr. Seuss) 2008

MY OPINION:When the movie started, I was hooked. The animation/CGI was so REAL... it seemed soooo real until the animals started talking. The characters were funny and the scenes were delightful, but boy! The movie was a philosophical one.

  • A person's a person no matter how small...

  • But for Kangaroo (Carol Burnett), the self-proclaimed Queen of Horton's jungle, Horton's behavior is unacceptable. "If you can't see, hear, or feel something," she says, "it doesn't exist." To believe in a tiny world on a speck of dust is absolutely ridiculous. To share that belief is to undermine the existence of the "real" world they all live in. And to let Horton continue spreading the idea that there is any other reality beyond their own is something she is not willing to do.

  • Wow! The movie is PRO-LIFE! I'm still at the edge of my Young Adult Ministry Years (SINGLES 39 below) and though I haven't done anything for Y-fam in ages, fighting for the unborn is one of my apostolates. It also makes one realize that just because you don't feel it and you don't see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  

    Thanks to the direction (and the whole production) and the actors' voices that made the movie light, the kids loved it! Thank God they forgot about SHUTTER and all those other trailers. ;p If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Bring the whole gang!


  • Horton Hears a Who!
  • Horton Hears a Who! Trailer
  • Believing in What we can't see
  • Horton Hears a Who! is PRO LIFE


    I CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING (Horton Hears a Who Version)

    REO SpeedWagon

    Just some blabberings 

    The Lord really knows what's best. I planned my day since last night and everything was set: 
    1. I'll work the first part of the morning 
    2. Upload files (Parish Website) 
    3. Go to Makati.  Hmmm... That was me.

    For one reason or another, RJ and I were all set to go to MOA (Mall of Asia), but since the traffic was horrible we ended up going to Bicutan. Since SM Bicutan was pretty small compared to MOA the things I planned to do went pfffffft.

     No worries. 

     We ate then felt sooooo tired that I decided for the two of us to watch a movie. I wanted to watch Fool's Gold, but somehow I was led to watch Horton. I have a vague idea about Horton. I remember we had complete sets of Dr. Seuss books while growing up. I also enjoyed the trailers and the interviews (& reviews), but honestly, I "didn't feel" like it. Shucks. RJ was with me so it was the most logical thing to watch if I wanted to relax. While waiting for the movie to start I was pissed(pardon me) with the SM Bicutan Cinema management (hope they take note of this) because almost all the trailers shown scared the children. My goodness! They should've at least edited the trailers.

    We watched this for the 2nd time at Festival Supermall...they had better trailers... =) (hope they keep it up...kids have to be protected)

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