Hayao Miyazaki's Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi 千と千尋の神隠し(Spirited Away) 2001

Chichiro, a skinny, but cute, ten-year-old girl and her parents were transferring to a new home. She didn't like the idea of living there that she kept on complaining and whining.

When they were kind of near the place .her adventurous father thought of taking a shortcut, but unfortunately, they got lost.

Everything was giving Chichiro the creeps.

They entered a tunnel to find out a bizarrely interesting little town. Her mom and dad got excited. They tried to convince Chichiro that everything was alright.

The town looked inhabited, but the there were no people in the streets....Her father and mother saw "free" food then ate away. Chichiro was uneasy that she decided to walk around the place.

The place made her shudder, but she continued her "sleuthing".

When night was about to fall, Haku, a cute young boy meets her at the bridge. He warns her then she runs back to her folks...when she returns she finds her parents turned into pigs...now how would she break the spell? Chichiro was scared. She prayed hard and hoped she was only dreaming. Unfortunately, she wasn't.

If I go on and on, I would give the whole story away.

In toto this movie is exciting, moving and breathtaking. I highly recommend it.

(Thank you, Kristen! I'm posting this tonight because my two poems were my last post for the day----heheheheh---since I couldn't find the English dubbed version, or at least the English subtitles, I watched the Japanese version with French subtitles...I know I'm still very, very poor in French, but at least I somewhat understood what was happening because I know a little Japanese too.)

This movie made me forget I was watching a fully animated feature film. Even if the human and the spirits "didn't look real", the background, the lighting and other special effects made the story and the movie very, very real.

The music was very, very haunting. Hayao Miyazaki is a great writer and director. I'm now a fan!

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