Saving Sally 2016 (PG)

Marty (Enzo Marcos) a comic-book artist who sees annoying people as monsters has unrequited romantic love towards his best friend Sally (Rhian Ramos), a gadget inventor.-

Why are there lots and lots of torpes(NOT the "village idiot", but someone who could not tell the person he loves his feelings...he keeps on reeling and whenever he has the guts to tell her, something would stop him)in this world?  Why can't we just express ourselves? Why does fear of rejection have to reign? I can go on and on and on.  

Sally and Marty liked each other from day one, but friendship got in the way.  I remember that scene from "With Honors"(a movie more famous for Madonna's song called "I'll Remember" than the movie itself) when Brendan Fraser's role, Monty, decided to "end the friendship" with Courtney as played by Moira Kelly, with a kiss.  

The scene:
Courtney: What are you doing?
Monty: I'm ending our friendship.

Friendships don't really have to end when you decide to take the next level because the best relationships are formed from friendship, but if it gets in the way, then there's trouble in paradise.

Yes, the story in this movie is very old and formulaic, but it still deserves our support.  

Saving Sally "might" be a typical love story, but it was presented in "another" way.

Before I watched this film I was under the impression that it was not dubbed well, just like the old animes etc.  I was completely surprised when that was not the case.  The conversations seemed natural to me.  They injected a few words and phrases in the vernacular, but it was mostly conversational English, making a lot of people raise their eyebrows and say, "Why didn't they make the movie in Tagalog instead?"  

To each his own.

I liked it.  It was not poorly dubbed at all.  Thank goodness it was not rated G, just like what they did with Maleficent here in this country and some other movies that gave nightmares to little children that weren't reviewed well by the film ratings board.  There were some inappropriate scenes for little children.  What am I talking about?  There were a LOT of inappropriate scenes for little children, especially the ones involving Dick...I mean, Nick the prick, as portrayed by TJ Trinidad.  

At any rate, I still believe it's beautiful and it deserves to be shown worldwide.

Who's that guy who said, "After more than ten years, that's it????"?

Hey, just like how the Saving Sally team replied, the budget was low and there were only a few people involved in this "project" and for a low-budgeted film, this is already great, F.Y.I. !

Oh...and I think Rhian Ramos was a perfect replacement for Anna Larucea.  Rhian was meant to be Sally, so Ms. Larucea's unavailability was like an "angel on the road", so to speak.

Enzo Marcos is a natural.  He played Marty perfectly.

"Kuya" Bodjie Pascua, thankfully, did not deliver his lines in a sing-song manner like he used to do in Batibot and those Knowledge Channel stuff. 

Carmen Sanchez played the role of Marty's mother in a very endearing manner, but I think, at least with Marty's conversations with his folks, they should've added more lines in Tagalog, but it's OK.  It works! 

For all it's worth, I think Saving Sally deserves more accolades and viewership.

Kudos to everyone involved in this film.




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