Defying stereotypes: Bakit lahat ng gwapo may boyfriend? (2016)

Warning:  There are spoilers

"BAKIT LAHAT NG GWAPO MAY BOYFRIEND?" defies stereotypes, and it is a beautiful movie, but maybe the timing of showing was off.   It was shown after the Angel Locsin/Sam Milby/Zanjoe Marudo film called THIRD PARTY.  I think people thought that it was too soon to watch a movie of a similar theme/genre.   Bestie thinks, and I agree with her, that maybe the problem is that it was not promoted well.

It is also filled with parodies of different movies and a couple of examples are MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING andTHE PROPOSAL. There were many funny scenes and dialogue.  The film was written and directed well.  It is truly a team effort, so I shrug my shoulders and pout because it truly is a pity that this is not a box office hit.  It should be.  


We have set notions about certain people and their actions.  Yes, we tend to put people in boxes.  People have judged people who act in a certain way and after putting them inside boxes, they stick labels.  This movie is about that.

Dennis Trillo plays the role of Diego, someone who is labeled just because he acts and moves in certain ways, and because he is the nephew of a transvestite, who happens to be his father's twin.

Anne Curtis is Kylie, a girl whose 'gaydar' became stronger through the years because of her 'unique ability' of falling for closet queens so when she meets Diego, her 'gaydar' malfunctioned a bit.  She was sure, then unsure, then sure, then unsure that Diego was indeed a closet queen.

Sigh...I could babble and babble, but may I just invite you to read this Rappler Article instead?:

The article above has 'voiced' my sentiments(I found it while looking for articles sharing 'my' opinion).  I am a Rappler subscriber, but for some darn reason, I was not able to read the above article earlier on.

Everyone did well, but Bestie and I want to give extra props to Sinon Loresca's depiction of Ramon Ramon.  Bravo!  May you have more projects.  You are truly a natural.


Kudos to everyone involved in this film.

Hope this gets re-shown in theatres in the future because more people should watch this film and feel good.  

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