The closest I ever got to being in a multiverse is a 5-Dimensional ride or a 3-Dimensional movie and that's not even "the same".

This last part of Firebird trilogy is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  No, it's actually a labyrinth of emotions, mostly unfathomable, but believable.

Will this trilogy become a movie? I think it's going to be a box office hit.  Of course, there will still be comparisons and most probably people would say the book is better, but it would be great to see the characters in a "live action" movie.

It's like The Matrix, Quantum Leap, Star Trek and others melded together.

Claudia Gray's grammar might not be perfect like mine, but she is a true and very good raconteur.  She has made my imagination run wild.

We should really be careful of our actions and the choices we make.  Whether we like it or not, our decision affects the whole world in one way or the other.

This sci-fi romance trilogy shows us different possibilities/outcomes of individual decisions.


Definitely more than a roller coaster ride.

I started reading this trilogy via Firebird 2, but I suggest you buy the whole set and a start with a Thousand Pieces of you.  Enter the many "verses" and be amazed on how different or similar universes could be(uni=1; multi=many; diverse=different).

Claudia Gray/Amy Vincent, you are now one of my favorite authors.


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