Saturday, August 27, 2016

RAK of Aegis 5.0 (not a review)

We left the City of ParaƱaque at 4:43 PM, Philippine Standard Time, but we arrived at the PETA Theater Center during the intermission.  At least, we were still able to watch the second act and the two friends who went straight to the Theater, because of the power of modern technology(Viber/Email), were let in because I sent photographs of the bar codes and we sent them the confirmation email of the tickets.  At least, two of us were able to enjoy the whole musical. Along the way, we were already losing hope and joked that we were just going to say our hi's and hellos like we were just fetching our two friends.  Thank goodness, we still were able to watch Tanya Manalang as Aileen(our prayers were answered), Lorenz Martinez as Kiel, his lovely wife, Shiela Valderrama-Martinez as Kapitana Mary Jane, Kakai Bautista as Mercy, Kiel's wife and Aileen's mother, Jerald Napoles as Tolits, and THE Jon Santos as Fernan.
I've seen a version of this in the past, with RS and IA.  It was brilliant back then, but the show we've seen a few hours ago, added some sugar and spice, making it a totally new experience.

It was hard to buy tickets for the five of us. Only three were available for the Orchestra Center, but thankfully, we had space at the Orchestra Side.  
We laughed along with the crowd because of the punch lines and we also felt the other emotions the songs and the actions wanted to convey. We enjoyed watching the "non-acting" Phi Palmos as Jewel. The lines were delivered in a very witty and convincing manner. 

EVERYOne did well and I am not just saying that.

People were trying to catch Mr. Jon Santos' attention

I was tempted to ask her to pose with me, but she was in a hurry, so I just took pictures

With THE Jon Santos (he never ceases to amaze me)

With Ms. Carla Guevara-Laforteza

The four(4) Aileens: Aicelle Santos, Kim Molina, Tanya Manalang and Alisah Bonaobra

I know it might take a while, but I really hope this is NOT the final run.  A lot of people still want to watch this in the future, so I am crossing my fingers that there will still be a RAK of Aegis 6.0 ++++

I missed the chance of watching Tricia Jimenez, so I really, really hope they would re-stage this show.  Please, please, please...pretty please.  


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