Ignacio de Loyola (2016)

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Review: 'Ignacio de Loyola' shows saint's humanity

I studied the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola even when I was a Born Again Christian(I am still very much progressive, but I went back to the Roman Catholic Faith totally in 1990 through Opus Dei, but I started serving through the Holy Child Parish MOQ Choir at the Bonifacio Naval Station in 1988), but this is the first time I learned about what transpired before he met St. Francis Xavier and St. Peter Faber(Pierre Favre). I knew that like St. Francis of Assisi, he too was of noble background, but I didn't know the extent of his sacrifices, etc. 

My Bestie said she liked it even if it was a bit "theatrical". She doesn't agree with me that Andreas M looks a bit like Colin Farrel(besides me,  other people noticed the resemblance when Iñigo was in Manresa),  because for her,  Colin Farrel's look is a bit annoying, while Andreas M's face is comforting.  

My dad said for a "Filipino Film", the quality is great, but he said he did not like it so much. When I asked why, he couldn't explain it. He can't deny that he enjoyed it, but he was looking for something "more".  I, on the other hand, liked it.  The actors were carefully chosen and I liked the "special effects" and the background music by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab was haunting(not all parts had "scoring" as one reviewer mentioned) in some parts and brought out all sorts of emotions in other parts.  Bestie said that even the scoring was a bit too dramatic, but all in all, she loved the film and she is hoping that the screening would be extended.

I would have preferred it to be shown in Spanish with or without subtitles, but instead, it was shown in English.  I think I get why.  Probably it's because Paolo Dy and his co-director, Cathy Azanza, are more comfortable with the English Language than in Spanish.  Yes.  Probably that's why.   

There were parts that I almost slept, but there were a lot of exciting scenes too...watch out for the scenes with the "Morning Stars".

I have always known that he was the "Saint of Discernment" and I am aware the Spiritual Exercises/Methods, but I must admit that it was the first time for me to learn that he was accused of being an Illuminati, which confused me at first because the secret society was formed in the late 1700s/18th Century, and a seducer of women(he did have a horrid past, that's for sure, but I wasn't able to read the part where he was accused about "this") during the inquisition.  What I knew was that he was almost burned because he was preaching without authority and he wasn't learned . I do read about the lives of Saints, but I think I should read about them some more.  

This is not part of the movie, but I must say that St. Ignatius of Loyola is the Patron Saint of Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo(Saint Ignatius is venerated as the patron saint of Catholic soldiers, the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Basque country and various towns and cities in his native region. He is also the Patron Saint of Retreats and the founder of the Society of Jesus.), where we stayed during the weekdays from the 1970s to the early 1980s, before my dad was transferred to Cavite (then in the late 1980s, when he was promoted to a Commodore, equivalent to a one star General, we moved to the Navy Village), so he is a very important Saint for me. Even if I already know about him, it's great to learn new things about him too, through this movie.

The movie might not be perfect, but it is well-researched and people could attest the accurateness of how the methods were presented.

Please watch this movie and be inspired.  Even if you think you are the worst sinner, you could be a saint/Saint, and this movie gives you an example on how to be one.  


Cast :

  • Andreas Muñoz as Iñigo de Loyola
  • Javier Godino as Xanti
  • Julio Perillán as Father Sanchez
  • Gonzalo Trujillo as Inquisitor Frias
  • Isabel García Lorca as Doña Ines Pascual
  • Lucas Fuica as Don Beltran de Loyola
  • Mario de la Rosa as Calixto
  • Jonathan D. Mellor as Inquisitor Figueroa
  • Rick Zingale as Doctor Ciruelo
  • Tacuara Casares as Princess Catalina
  • Ben Temple as Master Ardevol
  • Imanol Reta as Inquisitor Gallo
  • Javier Tolosa as Lord Asparros
  • Samuel Pérez as Young Iñigo

Directed byPaolo Dy
Cathy Azanza
Screenplay byPaolo Dy
Story byPaolo Dy
StarringAndreas Muñoz
Music byRyan Cayabyab
Release dates
  • June 14, 2016 (Vatican City)
  • July 27, 2016 (Philippines)
Running time
118 minutes
Budget₱50 million

The Movie's schedule at SM Southmall (where we watched the movie for the first time...Bestie and I watched it in Glorietta 4, Cinema 3...if I liked it the first time, I loved it the 2nd time...I can't wait for the sequel that would focus on Saint Francis Xavier and the Society of Jesus) 

Please support this film.  Have special/block screenings...please!  

Disclaimer:  I don't know Paolo Dy personally and I'm not even an Atenean.  I am just a person who has seen this film two times, once with my parents and the second time, with my Bestie, Eise, who is an Atenean.  As I mentioned before, the film may not be "perfect" (Well, is there any film that is "perfect"?), but it is worth watching.   Instead of politics, priests should be talking about this during their homilies. Sigh.  

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