Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Warcraft: The Beginning (2016) R-13

Note:  When you read the reviews I am including here, please read the comments(not all have comments) too.  They are very interesting.  As for me, I am disabling comments for this blog entry.  Oh, by the way, I read the reviews AFTER watching the film.

THE WRAP: Swords, Sorcery and Stupidity Abound in Game Adaptation

Timeout.com: An epic fantasy adventure with all the trimmings – but none of the personality

Rock Paper Shotgun: The RPG Scrollbars: Warcraft  (I agree with this reviewer the most)

The Hollywood Reporter: Warcraft film review

Bangkok Post: Under the Curse

THE WRAP: ‘Warcraft’ Reviews: It ‘Doesn’t Suck’ and 6 Other Much Worse Critical Reactions (This has tons of comments)


My nephew was quite sad when my dad said it was rated R-13, but if it weren't rated that way, I would have complained to the film ratings board or something, so I believe the rating is just right.

There were many unnecessary scenes, but I liked the graphics/special effects, etc.

I really have no right to criticize this film.  Maybe if this were Clash of Clans or something...J/K.

Instead of blabbering more, just click The RPG Scrollbars: Warcraft.  Richard Cobbett put my thoughts into words.  As in! The comments are interesting as well. 

Bye for now.  :-)

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