That Thing Called TADHANA (2014)

Gateway Cineplex, Araneta Center Cubao
There are all kinds of LOVE in this world, but never the same LOVE twice -  
F. Scott Fitzgerald

The style is quite similar, but NOT the same, mind you, to the Hawke-Delpy BEFORE trilogy.  It's mostly just the two of them(Mace and Anthony as played by Angelica and JM respectively) with some bit players.  Most of the people who watched this film with us liked it, with the exception of some seniors who exclaimed, "Mabuti na lang libre!" (It's a good thing it's free!)

A couple of pairs that said the line above are church leaders, so it's easy to understand that they did not like the expletives uttered by Mace and Anthony like it was the most natural thing in the world.  My parents on the other hand, loved it(the story and execution, not the expletives).  

Minus those expletives and the things Mace implied in the movie, it has a great story.  Maybe the only flaw was when Mace asked Anthony where he lives and he answered, "Secret nga eh!"  My reaction was that of confusion.  Wasn't that the first thing Anthony told Mace?  He introduced himself, told her his address and promised that he wasn't a maniac.

Others were saying that the grammar and syntax was a big laugh. Some say those naysayers are just envious of Jadaone because she  won 3rd place for the screenplay of this film(Palanca Awards).  Haist!  If there were indeed other flaws, it's immaterial to me.  To each his own.

What I know is that I loved the story, the movie and the flow.  I also loved the beautiful place high above the clouds(Mount Kiltepan) where Mace(Angelica) was able to shout to release all the angst and her excess baggage.  I am thankful that it was shown in the movie because I don't think I could survive going there without having a heart attack.  

Since I don't want to give you spoilers, then I guess I have to end this here.

Kudos to the whole cast and crew!


Quoted by Mace and Anthony on two separate occasions ;-)

Gateway Cineplex, Araneta Center Cubao

I watched this movie twice(2x) on the same day(First with my folks after a business lunch and then with my little sis, Jinkee, after shopping) at SM City BF,  That's how much I love the movie.  

added on February 18, 2015

  • 3rd Place, Dulang Pampelikula(Screenplay): That thing called Tadhana by Ms. Antoinette H. Jadaone PALANCA AWARDS
  • From Wikipedia:

2014 Cinema One Originals Film Festival

The film festival ran from November 9 to November 18, 2014. There is only one category for 2014. Ten full-length feature films competed this year. (There were also screenings for six short films, five restored classics, and seven Asian films.) The following are the contending films:
The BabysittersPaolo O'HaraJason Gainza, Katya Santos, Jhiz Deocareza
Bitukang ManokAlec FiguracionMissy Maramara, Guji Lorenzana, Ken Anderson, Mara Lopez, Teri Malvar
  • Best Cinematography (Aditya Kumar)
Esprit de CorpsKanakan-BalintagosSandino Martin, JC Santos, Lharby Policarpio, Garry Lim
  • Best Director (Kanakan-Balintagos)
  • Best Actor (Sandino Martin)
  • Best Production Design (Hai Balbuena)
Hindi Sila TatandaMalay JavierKean Cipriano, Dawn Jimenez, Mara Lopez, Ketchup EusebioBest Musical Score (Tengal Drilon)
LornaSigrid Andrea BernardoShamaine Centenera Buencamino, Lav Diaz, Felix Roco, Ma. Isabel Lopez, Raquel VillavicencioBest Supporting Actress (Ma. Isabel Lopez)
RedJay AbelloJericho Rosales, Mercedes Cabral, Nico Antonio, Mylene Dizon, JM RodriguezBest Screenplay (Jay Abello & Dwight Gaston)
Seoul MatesNash AngMimi Juareza, Jisoo Kim
Soap OperaRemton ZuasolaLovi Poe, Rocco Nacino, Bugoy Cariño, Matt Daclan, Natileigh Sitoy, Chris Perris, Lex Zander Flores, Mercedes CabralBest Actor (Matt Daclan)
That Thing Called TadhanaAntoinette JadaoneAngelica Panganiban, JM de Guzman
  • Best Actress (Angelica Panganiban)
  • Audience Choice
  • Champion Bughaw Award for Full-length Feature

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