Friday, February 6, 2015

Chinatown (1974)

Chinatown was the first movie that exposed me to incest(Oh my, did I spoil it for you?  There's more to it than that, believe you me!).  I watched this in the Betamax format when I was about ten years old and  I just couldn't fathom that because I am blessed to have a father who protects.  The ending gave me the chills and I could not stop crying.  I was morose.

Robert Towne, the screenwriter, earned a lot of accolades because of this movie.  He is doubly blessed because when he wrote the script, he had Jack Nicholson in mind and his wish came true.  

I thought I was not going to watch this again, but my folks were watching this the whole time I was multitasking. 

Oh shucks.

Every scene was quite interesting.  I just don't get Jake Gittes' pose exposing his armpit after making love with Evelyn.  Was there a message that the director, Roman Polanski, was trying to convey? If so, I am clueless.

John Huston, besides being one of the greatest directors of all times, is also a great actor.  I really hated him while I was watching this.


I don't think I want to go on babbling, but I'll say this.  Even if this is such a tragic piece, it was beautifully made and is worth watching.

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