Status: It's Complicated (2013)

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This movie is a remake based on the 1979 comedy directed by THE Ishmael Bernal called SALAWAHAN,with a different attack.  

I was able to watch Salawahan more than three decades ago(I forgot if I watched this with my friends at BF Homes(my friend's dad was from MTRCB or its equivalent)...yes, there was a theater there with a bowling I was better a bowler when I was younger, now...hey, that's not the topic) and a few years back on TV.

When I was a little girl, I had this humongous crush on Mat Ranillo III so I guess I watched any movie with him in it that was appropriate for my age.  I don't think this was a proper movie for someone my age that time, but somehow they let me in.  Either I looked older than my age or they were just not that strict there.

Watching Salawahan again a few years back, I wondered why I was laughing my heart out when I watched it the first time.  Maybe I was more conservative when I watched it again, or maybe it's because the handsome Mat Ranillo III was not one of my crushes anymore. 

The trailer of STATUS It's Complicated did not make me think of the movie Salawahan, but since I'm a big fan of Ms. Eugene Domingo, I told myself  that I would definitely watch this.  

Eugene is the reason why we watched this

The movie has a lot of dialogue and I was afraid my dad would walk out, but he was laughing his heart out too.  He even said, "Why do they keep on calling Eugene/Marianne matanda? She looks younger than ever!"

"It's her role,'s her role!"

Chris Martinez's take on this film made it look original.  The cast was well chosen too.  Maja had a different interpretation of Rina.  Solenn had a different take on Sylvia.  Jake was definitely a different Manny and Paulo was a different Gerry.

Of course, Ms. Eugene Domingo's version of Marianne was different from Ms. Rita Gomez's version. Ooh la la!

Everyone did well, including the one that played Rene Requiestas' role(Sylvia's assistant), Dimples.  Clarence Delgado did good as Dennis.  I was very fond of Bongchie Miraflor(who was a few years younger than me...fond only...remember, it was Mat Ranillo III who was my crush back then...LOL) so I wondered if the new actor would do justice, but I think Clarence did well too.

So would I let my friends watch this?  Most of them would enjoy this, except for the super conservatives, so I guess I could say, Y-E-S! ;-)

What a great ensemble

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